Heat treatment Fixtures

Base Grids are used in all kind of furnaces. Mostly the charge material is either located on sub Assembly Fixtures of directly to the Grid. These Base Grids or Charge Grids are made up of Heat Resistant steel and can withstand a temperature upto 1300 Degree C, These products are used in Hardening Furnaces, Annealing furnaces, Carburising Furnaces Etc

These type of Grids are used for Bulk production with easy loading unloading and carrying feature. The purpose is to give each component its space for uniform and high quality heat treatment. EB castworld has got a team of 11 people in Design which gives customised solution and work in detail with the requirement of its customers

Charging Fixtures are a complete set of fixtures required for heat treatment of components in Vacuum furnace, Sealed Quench Furnace or Continuous Gas carburising Furnace. These fixtures include Base Grids, Top Grids, Intermediate Grids, Pillars, Bridging Arms, cross beams, Loading Rods, spacers and locking links. These are often available in ready condition that means many times the customer has to make zero investment on Tooling, Modelling or development. Please ask for the Standard sizes to our sales team.

We make High Quality Baskets for Heat Treatment Industry, These are often available in standard sizes which helps our to save time and money on development and lead time. These last for a long period and trouble free, For inside of the basket there are many possibilities such as wire meshes / Perforated sheets or cast segments which ensure sufficient circulations of Air and Liquids.

Our Company Specialize in Fixtures for Pit Type Furnace / GCF. These comes in standard design options and customised designs too, Our design office has got good experience in designing fixtures to suit customer requirements. There are various sizes available from 600 MM diameter to 2200 MM Diameter with charge carrying capacity upto 12000 Kg in one batch. Our customer includes jobbing heat treaters and industry leaders as well.

Heat Treatment

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