Heat Treatment Trays

Product: Heat Treatment Trays
Application:Auto, Precision Gear, Heat-treating industries, etc.
Dimensions:Customized or according to mold
Material:Heat Resistant Steel
Standard:ANSI, ASTM, ASME, DIN, Jis, BS, EN, GB etc.
Certificate:ISO, Material Certificates, SGS Certificate.
Measurement inspection:100 % self-inspection, 3rd party inspection available.
Unit Weight:5~800kgs
Surface Roughnes:Ra12
Min Order:1Piece
Port: Ship from Shanghai Port to the customer’s designated location.
Delivery time:7-30 days/ negotiable
Production Capacity:6000tons/ Year

Heat Treatment Trays

Heat Treatment Trays Key Features:

We can formulate Heat Treat Trays according to customer work requirements and drawings.
A Iarge number of Existing Patterns of fixture for Standard, Famous Brand Heat treatment Furnaces.
A large number of product molds, Quick Delivery.
Heat Treatment Tray for Continuous Gas Carbourising that we offer is available in various specifications and sizes. We offer these Heat Treatment Trays as per the requirement of our valuable clients.

Heat Treatment Trays

Heat Treatment Trays Material:

Wear-resisting, heat-resisting and corrosion-resisting alloy steel,stainless steel,carbon steel, HU,HT,HK,HH,HX,24/24NbTiZr,50Cr/50Ni(2.4813),1.4865,1.4849,1.4848,1.4410,1.4059,1.4841, 1.4845,1.4852, 2.4879 SCH13,SCH15,SCH22 or according to customers’ request.

GradeNominal Chemical Composition(W%)
HF19 Chromium,39 Nickel0.20-0.40220.040.0418.0-23.08.0-12.00.5
HH25 Chromium,12 Nickal0.20-0.50220.040.0424.0-28.011.0-14.00.5
HI28 Chromium,15 Nickal0.20-0.50220.040.0426.0-30.014.0-18.00.5
HK25 Chromium,20 Nickal0.20-0.60220.040.0424.0-28.018.0-22.00.5
HE29 Chromium,9 Nickal0.20-0.50220.040.0426.0-30.08.0-11.00.5
HT15 Chromium,35 Nickal0.35-0.7522.50.040.0415.0-19.033.0-37.00.5
HU19 Chromium,39 Nickal0.35-0.7522.50.040.0417.0-21.037.0-41.00.5
HW12 Chromium,60 Nickal0.35-0.7522.50.040.0410.0-14.058.0-62.00.5
HX17 Chromium,66 Nickal0.35-0.7522.50.040.0415.0-19.064.0-68.00.5
HC28 Chromium,0.5 Max120.040.0426.0-30.04.00 Max0.5
HD28 Chromium,5 Nickal0.5 Max120.040.0426.0-30.04.0-7.00.5
HL29 Chromium,20 Nickal0.20-0.60220.040.0428.0-32.018.0-22.00.5
HN20 Chromium,25 Nickal0.20-0.50220.040.0419.0-23.023.0-27.00.5
HP26 Chromium,35 Nickal0.35-0.7522.50.040.0424.0-28.033.0-37.00.5
Heat Treatment Trays Process:

Casting,machining,Finite Element Analysis(FEA),pro-cast system,assembly and surface finish,investment casting,lost wax casting,precision casting,sand casting,centrifugal casting…

Heat Treatment Trays

Heat Treatment Trays Application:

Metallurgical industry , heat treatment furnaces,Mechanical Components/parts,Boat parts and Marine hardware, Construction hardware,Auto parts and accessories,Medical Instrument parts,pump & valve parts and accessories, Impellers and propellers(propellors), Pipe Fittings or pipeline accessories,gears,gear wheels,bearings,shafts, Other industry metal casting parts…


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