Heat Treatment Tooling

1.General Tooling

The universal tooling is a tooling designed and manufactured mainly for the adaptability of the furnace type, and is suitable for the heat treatment of commonly used large-scale workpieces. Its role is to complete the workpiece in and out of the furnace and the clamping during heating and cooling, reduce the heat treatment deformation of the workpiece, and complete some auxiliary work of heat treatment.

Due to the different shapes and sizes of heat-treated workpieces, and various types of heat-treatment furnaces, the tools used for heat treatment are also diverse. Operators should reasonably design and manufacture convenient and smart tools based on the actual conditions of the workpieces they are processing.

Common heat treatment general tools are equipped with the following categories.

① Tooling commonly used on salt bath furnaces

  1. Salt shovel (spoon): used to add salt to the salt bath furnace.
  2. Residue spoon: used for deoxidation, stirring, reclaiming, and salvaging the workpieces falling into the furnace.
  3. Quenching spoon, quenching tongs, quenching frame and special quenching heating and cooling tools and hangers designed according to the shape of the workpiece.

② Several commonly used tempering fixtures (tempering frame, basket, tempering spoon) can be used for tempering various small workpieces; for tempering smaller cylindrical workpieces, such as studs, small shafts, pins Etc .; can be used for the tempering of bolts, screws, nuts or similar workpieces; for the tempering of hanging various workpieces.

③ Tooling fixtures commonly used in box-type electric furnaces

  1. Loading shovel: used to load small workpieces or discharge materials into the box-type electric furnace.
  2. Push shovel: used for loading or unloading of too many pieces.
  3. Discharge spoon: used for discharging.
  4. Loading box: for solid carburizing. In order to prevent the workpiece from being oxidized and decarburized during the heating process, the workpiece is filled into the box and then filled with dry charcoal.
  5. Other tooling: fixtures or hangers designed for heating and quenching cooling according to the shape of the workpiece or special requirements.

2.Special Tooling

Special tooling is a tooling fixture based on the specificity of the workpiece, combined with the furnace design and production to meet the special loading requirements of the workpiece. Its role has the following aspects.

① For chemically heat-treated workpieces, it is required to ensure that the workpieces are fully and uniformly contacted with the furnace gas in the furnace, and placed securely so as not to cause deformation.

② For workpieces with complex shapes and strict size requirements, in order to ensure certain dimensional accuracy requirements, special tooling needs to be designed.

③Some workpieces that are shaped and tempered, such as piston rings, springs, etc., should be guaranteed by special fixtures.

④ In order to ensure the ovality and dimensional accuracy of the inner hole of some workpieces, a corresponding mandrel should be designed and used.

⑤ For some large and heavy workpieces, in order to facilitate the entry and exit of the furnace, and the need for certain workpieces to maintain vertical heating and vertical quenching during heat treatment, special tooling should be designed according to the furnace type.

⑥ For some workpieces that require cold correction or easy deformation, special tooling should be designed.

Heat treated trays are widely used in our daily life.

Heat treatment trays are mostly used in continuous carburizing and nitriding furnaces. In a protective atmosphere, the temperature is 550 degrees-850 degrees. As the carrier of the workpiece, the heat treatment process is completed, and the heat treatment process is required. heat. Can be designed according to customer needs, making heat-resistant steel trays for heat treatment in accordance with process requirements.Heat Treatment ToolingHeat treatment trays are widely used in industrial furnaces, and can be used in industries and departments such as scientific research, military industry, metallurgy, petrochemicals, coal, mining, power, machinery, building materials, papermaking, feed, environmental protection and so on.

What should be paid attention to when designing heat treatment tooling?

1) Make a detailed analysis of the workpiece structure and technical requirements to meet the technical requirements to the greatest extent.

2) Ensure that the tooling can safely and reliably carry the workpiece to complete the heat treatment process and have a long service life.

3) Ensure that the workpiece is uniformly heated on the tooling, carburized, carbonitrided, and uniformly cooled.

4) Load as many workpieces as possible to improve heat treatment production efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

5) Consider the universality of tooling as much as possible, reduce the types of tooling, simplify tooling management, and reduce costs.

6) Minimize tooling materials and manufacturing costs.


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