Brief Introduction of Heat Treatment Material Tray Material Frame

Background technique:
Heat treatment refers to a metal thermal processing technology in which the material is in the solid state, through heating, heat preservation and cooling, to obtain the expected structure and performance.
At present, the storage and transportation of the workpieces in the heat treatment process require the use of trays. The existing trays are stored in a single storage, that is, the tubular workpieces and the block workpieces are placed on their own dedicated trays.

Heat Treatment Process:
The heat treatment tray is mostly used in continuous carburizing and nitriding furnaces. In the furnace at a temperature of 550 degrees to 850 degrees under a protective atmosphere, it is used as the carrier of the workpiece to complete the heat treatment process and enter the next heat treatment process. It needs to be resistant to rapid cooling heat. We can design and manufacture heat-resistant steel baskets and trays that meet the process requirements for heat treatment according to customer needs.
Commonly used materials: GX40CrNiSi27-4 (1.4823), GX25CrNiSi18-9 (1.4825), GX40CrNiSi22-9 (1.4826), GX25CrNiSi20-14 (1.4832), GX40CrNiSi25-12 (1.4837), GX40CrNiSi25-20 (1.4848), GX40CrNiSi38-18 (1.4865), GX40CrNiSi35-25 (1.4857), GX30CrNiSiNb24-24 (1.4855), GX40CrNiSiNb38-18 (1.4849), GX30CrNiSiNb35-25 (1.4852), G-CoCr28 (2.4778), G-NiCr28W (2.4879), HF, HH, HI, HK, HE, HT, HU, HW, HX, HC, HD, HL, HN, HP.
Production process: centrifugal casting process, precision casting process, sand casting process, lost foam casting process, machining, welding assembly.

Heat Treatment Material Tray
Advantages and Service Life of Heat Treatment Tray:
When using heat-treated trays and baskets, the material should be ZG40Gr25Ni20 welding rod. This grade has good creep performance during the quenching process and will not cause serious deformation and cracking of the spreader and the basket. Perform a high temperature before use Tempering, temperature control above 950 degrees, heat preservation for 1-2 hours, cooling with the furnace, mainly to eliminate the internal stress during the casting process and increase the service life of the product.
The heat treatment material tray material basket is mainly composed of 2-4 single-layer heat treatment material basket frames, and the basket frame is made by a casting process, and fixed by a fixed rod to form a whole, while ensuring enough The stability.

Heat treatment tray and basket
It includes 2-4 single-layer heat treatment basket racks. The single-layer heat treatment basket racks are composed of two three-hole frames and three two-hole frames and are cast into an integrated structure. Each single-layer heat treatment The basket racks are fixedly connected by a fixed rod to form a heat treatment basket, and 8-10 concave grooves are arranged on the two-hole frame.
The utility model adopts a combined form, which can increase or decrease the number of layers of heat treatment material trays and baskets according to actual needs, and can hang parts on each layer of beams. The beams replace the bottom frame, which not only saves space, but also reduces costs. It improves the uniformity of parts heating during the heat treatment process, and better guarantees the effect of vacuum heat treatment. Taking into account the high temperature environment in actual use, the heat treatment basket is made of high temperature resistant and corrosion resistant steel, which greatly improves the service life of the basket.

Application of Heat Treatment Tray:
Heat treatment trays are widely used in industrial furnaces such as Aichelin, Ipsen, Huisen, Fengdong, etc., and can be used in scientific research, military industry, metallurgy, petrochemical, coal, mining, electric power, machinery, building materials, papermaking, feed, environmental protection, etc. Industry and sector.

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