Heat Treatment Fixture

One end of the heat treatment fixture is provided with a fixed magnetic material, the fixed limit plate covers the surface of one side of the fixed magnetic material, and a slot is opened at the edge of the end of the eye fixed limit plate.

The clamp clamps one end of the catch of the oil field pipeline in the slot, and under the action of the magnetic material, the catch is firmly combined with the clamp, and the surface can be heat-treated.

It is characterized by including a body; a fixed magnetic material, which is provided on one end of the body; a fixed limit plate, which covers one side surface of the fixed magnetic material, and a slot is formed along one edge of the fixed limit plate mouth.

In order to meet the needs of use, some workpieces must be heat treated on the surface after processing to increase the hardness of the workpiece.

For the catch used in oil field pipelines, due to the complex surface structure involving multiple treatment surfaces, it is difficult for general heat treatment jig to fix it to achieve heat treatment.

heat treatment jig Heat Treatment Fixture

In the heat treatment jig, the spiral groove is engraved on the outer peripheral surface of the hollow cylindrical tubular body.

The tubular body is made of alumina. The metal wire to be heat treated is wound along the groove of the heat treatment jig.

The heat treatment is performed by putting the heat treatment jig wound with the metal wire into the heat treatment furnace.

The metal wire heated to a predetermined heat treatment temperature expands due to thermal expansion. However, since the metal wires are heated in the state of being wound in the groove, the adjacent metal wires do not contact each other, preventing the metal wires from sticking to each other during the heat treatment.

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