Heat Treatment Grid and heat treatment production

As a basic component of heat treatment, the Heat Treatment Grid has a very significant impact on heat treatment production; regardless of the quality and cost of heat treatment, the legs to be dried must not be on the same plane. Each shelf and the shell are sleeved on several legs, and a lifting device is provided under each shelf. A multi-layer structure composed of shelves. When several large parts are heat-treated at the same time, each part can be placed on a shelf. Without stacking parts, many large parts can be heat treated at the same time. When parts need to be taken out from the heat treatment tool, each shelf can be lifted from top to bottom through the lifting device installed under the shelf to facilitate removal of each part and the shelf on which it is located, thereby realizing many large parts at the same time Heat treatment operation.

Heat Treatment Grid

A little basic knowledge about the selection of Heat Treatment Grid:

1. Important performance required by Heat Treatment Grid at high temperature:

  1.  Thermal strength
  2. Antioxidant ability
  3. Thermal cycle resistance (thermal shock)
  4. Resistance to carburizing atmosphere
  5. Resistance to corrosion in sulfur and other atmospheres
  6. Ability to resist grain growth
  7. Ability to resist dimensional changes

2. The role of alloying elements in austenitic steel (material for Heat Treatment Grid) 
1. Thermal strength: add nickel to improve high temperature strength
2. Anti-corrosion: add chromium
Elements beneficial to the use of austenitic steel at high temperatures: chromium nickel silicon aluminum
Elements harmful to the use of austenitic steel at high temperatures: vanadium molybdenum carbon tungsten
3. Behavior of using steel under high temperature 
1. The higher the nickel content, the better the oxidation resistance
2. The higher the nickel content, the less carbon will be absorbed
4. Element for high temperature creep resistance: Niobium 
5. Features of austenitic steel used under thermal shock:
The Heat Treatment Grid is mainly used for heat treatment. Therefore, if you want to have a comprehensive understanding of heat treatment, you must understand the heat treatment tray, so that you can know what the Heat Treatment Grid is, and at the same time, the correct and reasonable use and full utilization of the product can be realized to avoid waste.

Heat Treatment Grid

Instructions and methods for purchasing Heat Treatment Grid:
From a professional point of view, purchasing heat-treated trays is an important task and should not be taken lightly. Therefore, this work must be taken seriously and carried out, and all relevant factors must be considered at the same time, so that we can have accurate judgments and correct choices, and can choose suitable products. In addition, we also need to know that if there is a wrong choice, it will affect the normal use of the product, and even waste or bring economic losses to users because the product is unusable.
At present, there are three ways to purchase heat treatment material trays. One is to purchase directly from the manufacturer, the other is to purchase through agents, and the third is to purchase on the relevant industry website. The specific method to choose depends on the actual situation and Own conditions.
The specific functions of the Heat Treatment Grid and good product quality should meet the conditions:
The specific function of the heat treatment tray is to process small parts. During the heat treatment, the parts are put into the tray for heating, and after heating to a certain temperature, the tray and the parts are put into the quenching liquid for quenching treatment.
For heat treatment trays, good product quality is required to meet the following requirements:
In terms of materials, materials with good quality and performance should be used for manufacturing to ensure product quality and good performance. It should be simple and convenient to use, and it is not easy to be defective or damaged during use. In addition, in terms of service life, the product must have a longer service life.

Heat Treatment Grid

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