Heat Treatment Furnace Tooling for Design and Manufacture

With the upgrading and upgrading of heat treatment equipment, model innovation and upgrading, like alloys, design technology has become a key core technology of Heat Treatment Furnace Tooling. As a key link in the production of Heat Treatment Furnace Tooling, a wide range of knowledge and close cooperation with other links are required.
For example, it is necessary to understand the specific heat treatment equipment and technology, the specific conditions of the processed product, the various properties of the specific alloy selected, especially the thermal performance, 3D computer software and corresponding stress analysis software, etc. Only on these foundations can an optimized design be made.
Therefore, for some high-demand heat treatment products, the rapid prototyping machine based on 3D printing technology provides great help. The tooling model it quickly produces can provide instant verification or modification reference for the design.

Heat Treatment Furnace Tooling Heat Treatment Furnace Tooling

  1. The manufacturing engineering department is responsible for designing the required Heat Treatment Furnace Tooling according to the product processing technology requirements. Drawings are sent to the heat treatment workshop, and the workshop submits the drawings and quantities to the relevant departments according to the production needs (the self-made tooling drawings are sent to the manufacturing department and the purchased tooling drawings are sent to the purchasing department) and the information is passed to the manufacturing department.
  2. The material of thermal tooling must have the factory quality certificate provided by the material manufacturer. After the raw materials or blanks enter the company, for batches (≥30 pieces) of hot tooling, samples will be sent from the workshop to the quality management department to test the composition of the materials. The quality management department will usually issue an inspection report within 24 hours. [Unqualified materials will not be processed].
  3. Workshop organizes production according to the tooling production plan issued by the manufacturing logistics department and the material re-inspection certificate issued by the quality management department, and is responsible for preparing the manufacturing process.
  4. Heat treatment preparation stage
    Selection of tooling and furnace. Before heat treatment, suitable tooling and furnace should be selected according to the size and shape of the workpiece.
Heat treatment furnace
  • The material of the workpiece should be considered when matching the furnace. When mixing different materials and workpieces, first check whether the mixed workpieces have the same technical requirements. If there are the same technical requirements, the furnace can be equipped. But to meet the requirements.
  • Under the conditions, the size of the Heat Treatment Furnace Tooling cannot be too different. Generally, the ratio of the large cross-sectional area to the small cross-sectional area can be equipped with a furnace.
  • The same number of workpieces should be treated in the same furnace as far as possible.
Inspection before production
  • Before installing the furnace, check whether the equipment is in good condition and whether all movable parts are operating normally.
  • Check whether the coolant is sufficient and the temperature is within the allowable range. Water 10-40℃, oil 30-120℃.
  • Check whether the thermocouple, recorder, and meter are upright.
  • Check whether auxiliary equipment and appliances are in good condition.
  • Check whether the material and number of the workpiece are correct.
Heat Treatment Furnace Tooling Heat Treatment Furnace Tooling
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