Material Selection of Heat Treatment Frame

Important properties required for tooling at high temperatures
1. Thermal strength capability
2. Antioxidant ability
3. Resistance to thermal cycling (thermal shock)
4. Resistance to carburizing atmosphere
5. Corrosion resistance in sulfur and other atmospheres
6. Ability to resist grain growth
7. Ability to resist dimensional changes

Heat Treatment Frame

The role of alloying elements in austenitic steels (tooling materials)
1. Thermal strength: adding nickel to improve high temperature strength
2. Anti-corrosion: add chromium
Elements that are beneficial for the use of austenitic steels at high temperatures: CrNiSiAl
Elements harmful to the use of austenitic steels at high temperatures: vanadium molybdenum carbide tungsten

Heat Treatment Frame

Behavior of using steel at high temperature
1. The higher the nickel content, the better the oxidation resistance
2. The higher the nickel content, the less carbon absorption
The heat treatment frame does not need to be heated and contracted. If stainless steel plate is used, the result is very easy to fail, the service life is very short, and the cost is high.

Heat Treatment Frame

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