Heat Treatment Fixtures

Heat Treatment Fixtures for Continuous Gas Carbourising that we offer is available in various specifications and sizes. We offer these Heat Treatment Fixtures as per the requirement of our valuable clients. These Heat Treatment Fixtures are highly durable and have wide application in various machinery sectors. These are designed in order to meet the requirement of several machine manufacturing industries.

Primary Metals

specialized equipment involved in the manufacturing of a wide range of alloy products used by the primary metals industry,specifically in the production of carbon steel and stainless steel, copper and aluminum.Our expertise has benefited customers utilizing the following processes:


Engineered Solutions for Peak Performance
We have been improving furnace hardware with a temperature range of 1000°F -2500°F. With a reputation built on providing high‐quality, long‐lasting and cost-effective engineered solutions, our focus is on improving our customers’ equipment performance and helping them reduce their energy consumption. We work with our customers in both the primary metals and heat treating industries by:

Assisting in material selection
Engineering new products
Improving product durability and process efficiency
Providing customization according to customer needs
Continuously enhancing product performance based on accumulated customer experience; by doing so, we offer customers solutions for enhanced service life of their equipment
We are committed to helping customers raise productivity while achieving the lowest possible operating and maintenance costs.

Heat treatment assemblies, Baskets, Baset Trays, Charging Trays,Piers, Annealing Baskets and furnace spares in our inventory of patterns. Most of the sizes are standard designs and are compatible with your existing furnace line.

We can offer you a very quick turnaround from inquiry to delivery.

We work with your heat treatment team to increase your productivity and thus lowering your overall cost of heat treatmen

Large inventory of cast tray patterns and designs used in all furnace types and hearth designs such as batch, continuous, pit & box.
Multiple round, square, rectangular, bolted assemblies and reversible tray designs
Multiple heat & corrosion resistant alloy compositions available
Multiple molding processes such as investment, lost foam and sand allows for versatility in casting designs
Common sizes are often in stock
Batch Furnace Trays
Skid Hearth Trays
Pusher Trays
Pit Furnace Trays
Roller Hearth Trays
Car Bottom Trays
Tray Assemblies

To learn more about how EB China provides alloy fabrications for the primary metals and heat treating industries, simply fill out the form on this page and a member of our team will be in touch with you.

 Heat Treatment Fixtures

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