Importance of Tooling and Trimming During Heat Treatment

In the heat treatment process, there are many factors that affect the quality of the product, including not only the main factors of raw materials, equipment, process, etc., but also the impact of many aspects such as tooling fixtures, swinging methods, etc. In terms of product quality, try to improve to make the product close to or meet the technical requirements, but during this process, you will also find that the product quality can be qualitatively improved due to slight changes in tooling fixtures or swinging methods.

  1. Improvement of Hardness Uniformity of Heat Treatment Fixture

According to the basic principle of hardening, the most uniform cooling of the workpiece should be ensured during hardening, and the hardening should be hardened in the direction of minimum resistance while maintaining the center of gravity. This requires that the design of the fixture and fixture should be as regular as possible and reduce the relevant resistance. It is necessary to consider the smooth flow of the quenching medium in the placed furnace products.

Schematic Diagram of The Three-point Support Placement of A Gear

Small Hardware Parts Are Placed Separately

The Unevenness of Hardness Caused By The Poor Fluidity of A Gear Part on The Pusher Furnace Due to The Direction of Furnace Entry.

When the string is placed parallel to the direction of advance, the hardness of the product is uniform. When placed perpendicular to the direction of advance, some parts are found to have low hardness. This is mainly when the oil tank is quenched in parallel, the flow of its stirring on both sides can flow more smoothly between the strings, and the irregularity of the distance between products will hinder its smoothness and uniformity to a certain extent when it is vertical Sex.

2.Influence of Heat Treatment Tooling Fixture and Swinging Method on Deformation

On the one hand, the tooling fixture makes the product more uniform during quenching, and it also makes the product more regular on the placement. On the basis of this, further standardizing the tooling and standard placement is also an important factor to reduce product deformation.

Positioning And Stacking Tool For Inner Hole of A Main Reduction Gear

Positioned on the basis of the inner hole, the lower part is a small hole in the middle of the flat steel plate to control the amount of oil and facilitate oil output. When installing the furnace, a waste gear of the same model with two ends smoothed is placed below to offset the impact of the quenching oil and can compensate effect. Through this tooling, the ellipticity and end jump deformation of the product are effectively reduced, and the pass rate is 100%, which is also 50% higher than the hanging furnace.

Illustration of The Hanging And Vertical Placement of a Shaft Input Shaft of a Gearbox

The suspension and vertical placement of the input shaft of a gearbox of a gearbox are reduced by 0.03-0.05mm compared to the vertical jump under the same process.

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