Heat Treat Trays for Well Type Furnace

EB China are professional heat treatment basket, heat treatment trays, furnace fixture, Heat Treat Trays for Well Type Furnace, roller rails, radiant tube manufacturer.

Brand Name: EB
Place of Origin: WuXi, China
Product: Heat Treat Trays for Well Type Furnace
Material Grade: SCH21
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece.
Temperature up to:1200℃
Unit Weight:5~400kgs
Certificate: ISO, Material Certificates, SGS Certificate.
Dimensions: According to mold
Surface: Shot/Sand blasting
Application: Auto, Precision Gear, Heat-treating industries, etc.
Material: Heat Resistant Steel, Stainless Steel, etc.
Standard: ANSI, ASTM, ASME, DIN, Jis, BS, EN, GB etc.
Delivery time: 7-30 days / negotiable
Production Capacity: 6000tons/ Year
Payment method: wire transfer,etc.
Packaging Details: Pallets or wooden box Payment Terms: by T/T.
Port: Ship from Shanghai Port to the customer’s designated location.

Heat Treat Trays for Well Type Furnace Heat Treat Trays for Well Type Furnace

precision casting/investment casting/sand casting/ machining and sand blasting/ Lost Wax Process & EPC process & Sand Process/ including machining process/ etc.

Measurement inspection:
Mechanical properties testing, tensile strength, yield point, Non destructive inspection (NDT), magnetic particle inspection, dye penetrant test, ultrasonic.
Chemical analysis by spectrometer for each heat, PT 100%(liquid penetrant test), VI(visual inspect)100%, dimensional check.
100 % self-inspection. 3rd party inspection available.

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Heat Treat Trays for Well Type Furnace Heat Treat Trays for Well Type Furnace
Heat Treat Trays for Well Type Furnace Material Grade:
0.35~0.501.0~2.5≦1.5025.0-28.03.5-5.5≦0.03≦ 0.035
0.15-0.301.0~2.5≦1.5017.0-19.08.0-10.0≦0.03≦ 0.035
0.30-0.501.0~2.5≦1.5021.0-23.09.0-11.0≦0.03≦ 0.035
0.15-0.301.0~2.5≦1.5019.0-21.013.0-15.0≦0.03≦ 0.035
0.30-0.501.0~2.5≦1.5024.0-26.011.0-14.0≦0.03≦ 0.035
0.30-0.501.0~2.5≦1.5024.0-26.019.0-21.0≦0.03≦ 0.035
0.30-0.501.0~2.5≦1.5017.0-19.036.0-39.0≦0.03≦ 0.035
0.30-0.501.0~2.5≦1.5024.0-26.034.0-36.0≦0.03≦ 0.035
0.30-0.400.5-2.0≦1.5023.0-25.023.0-25.0≦0.03≦ 0.035Nb 1.2-1.8
0.30-0.501.0~2.5≦1.5017.0-19.036.0-39.0≦0.03≦ 0.035Nb1.2-1.8
0.35-0.451.0~2.5≦1.5024.0-26.033.0-35.0≦0.03≦ 0.035Nb0.8-1.8
G-CoCr280.10-0.201.0~2.5≦1.5027.0-30.0≦0.03≦ 0.035Co:18.0-52.0
G-CoCr28W0.35-0.500.5-2.0≦1.5027.0-30.047.0-50.0≦0.03≦ 0.035W 4.0-5.5

Our offers bespoke Heat Treat Trays for Well Type Furnace, designed specifically to your requirements.
It is convenient for hoisting, suitable for heating and cooling of the workpiece, and can prevent or reduce deformation.
It can be used repeatedly, and the tooling itself will not be deformed after being heated many times, and there will be less scale and no failure.
Various kinds of alloy, shapes, sizes round grids, square grids ,multiple trays bolted together, reversible/non-reversible, cast-in or bolt-on shoes, pusher/puller sections, customized design for all type of furnace layouts.
wned in-house production and inspect facility to guarantee the best quality possible.
Experienced workers for foundry, machining and welding guarantee excellent quality and prompt delivery.
Our team provides you with professional after-sales service and good maintenance plan.

Heat Treat Trays for Well Type Furnace Heat Treat Trays for Well Type Furnace


Q: Do you provide free samples?
A: Yes, usually we provide free samples for testing under the condition of freight paid by customer.

Q: What is the Warranty for our products ?
A: If any quality problems on our side occurred in this period , we will take on the shipping cost and replacement.

Q: What is the delivery time of your products?
A: It depends on the inventory availability. If items needed are in stock, the delivery time would be within 7 work days, but if not the delivery time would be around 25 work days.

Q: Can you manufacture Special-shaped products?
A: Yes, we can.
We can produce both standard and special prosucts.
Our can make them according to your drawings and samples.
We will send working schedule of your order each week.
Our will inspect and test all merchandise in case of damaging and missing parts before shipment.
The detailed inspection pictures of the order will be sent to you for your confirmation before delivery.

If you have interest,please do not hesitate to contact me. Pls send the drawing,technical requirements to us by email.
Looking forward to receiving your inquiry and reply.

Thank you.


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