1. Heat Resistant Tube Introduction
Heat resistant tube is a kind of industrial equipment, with high temperature strength andoxidation resistance, anti – carburizing, acid resistance and other characteristics.Heat resistant tube has good oxidation resistance at high temperature.

(1)Spiral elastic steel wire is deeply implanted into the tube wall
(2)Inner and outer walls are smooth
(3)The wall thickness is about 3~6 mm, depending on the diameter

3. Heat Resistant Tube Scope of application
As a special wear protection suction pipe, especially suitable for:
(1)used for low fluidity hot solid, such as sand, gravel, grain, waste glass debris
(2)used for gaseous and liquid media
(3)used for underground transportation
(4)good chemical resistance
(5)Good uv and ozone resistance
(6)Small bending radius
(7)not easy knot
(8)No softener and halogen
(9)Gas and liquid do not leak
(10)Vacuum seal
(11)Electrostatic discharge (BGR 132, previous ZH 1/200, according to rule), grounded by spiral wir

4. Common properties
(1)very good heat resistance (better than TPE and Neopren)
(3)High wear resistance protection (wear resistance is 2.5 to 5 times higher than most rubber materials,and 3 to 4 times higher than soft PVC)
(4)Smooth inside and outside
(5)Optimize flow characteristics
(7)withstand high pressure, vacuum and compression
(8)High axial strength

5. Temperature range
About -40 °C to +125 °


1.4852 Heat Resistant Tube

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