Heat Resistant Steel Casting

The production process of heat-resistant steel is not complicated, but some details need to be paid attention to, especially in the process of first-grade steel, the raw materials are relatively large, and the shape is irregular, so hidden blocking phenomenon.Once the problem occurs, the scope of impact is relatively large, what emergency measures can be adopted?

When dealing with heat resistant steel plugging problem, the conventional practice is to first turn off the power of the equipment, and then check what is the cause of the plugging, and finally the material is targeted to deal with.Although the problem is eventually solved, it wastes a lot of time, and the switch will reduce the service life of the equipment.So what should we do?

It is best to reduce the number of problems from the source, for example, for the shape of the complex or sharp changes in the section and the effective thickness of the larger workpiece, should be preheated, annealing or high temperature tempering after processing, so that the number of blocking material control in the minimum range.

Heat resistant Steel

In order to improve the service life of heat-resistant steel castings , reduce the production cost of the manufacturers and increase the service life of the products, we need to pay attention to a lot of matters, today we will simply look at it:

  1. According to the introduction of heat-resistant steel casting manufacturer, carburizing furnace, its accessories should be tempered at a high temperature before use, the temperature is controlled above 950 degrees, heat preservation for 1-2 hours, with the furnace cooling, mainly to eliminate the internal stress in the casting process.
  2. each type of basket in use, the workpiece should be evenly placed, the weight should not exceed the design of the basket when the larger load bearing capacity, in the lifting basket to lift light, use time to 90 days, the carburizing furnace will be lifted out of the tank, clean the furnace tank oxidation skin.
  3. spreader, basket, in the selection of spreader, material defect, should choose the material for ZG40Gr25Ni20 electrode, the creep performance of the brand in the quenching process is good, will not result in a sling and baskets of severe deformation and cracking, before using a high temperature tempering, control the temperature over 950 degrees, 1-2 hours heat preservation, along with the furnace cooling, mainly to eliminate internal stress in the casting process, increase the service life of the product.

heat-resistant steel

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