What are the factors that affect the quality of heat-resistant steel precision castings?

Design process of Castings.

When designing, in addition to determining the geometry and size of the casting according to the working conditions and the characteristics of the metal material, the rationality of the design must also be considered from the perspective of the casting alloy and casting process characteristics, that is, the obvious size effect, solidification and shrinkage, stress, etc. Problems, can avoid or reduce the occurrence of defects, such as segregation, deformation and cracking of castings.

Heat Resistant Steel Precision Castings Heat Resistant Steel Precision Castings

There must be a reasonable conversion process.

That is to say, according to the structure, weight and size of the casting, the characteristics of the casting alloy and the production conditions, the appropriate parting surface and shape, the manufacturing method of the core should be selected, and the ribs, cold iron, and riser of the casting should be set reasonably And gate system. In order to ensure good Heat Resistant Steel Precision Castings.

Quality of raw materials used in casting.

The unqualified quality of metal charges, refractory materials, fuels, fluxes, modifiers and foundry sand, sand binders, coatings and other materials will lead to holes, pinholes, slag inclusions, sand inclusions and other materials in the castings. Other defects will affect the appearance and internal quality of the castings, and if they are serious, they will be scrapped.

To operate the process, it is necessary to formulate a reasonable process operation procedure to improve the technical level of the workers, so that the process regulations can be correctly implemented.

Heat Resistant Steel Precision CastingsHeat Resistant Steel Precision Castings


Q: What kinds of products do you offer?
A: Specializing in the production of various heat resistant steel precision casting, Heat-treatment Fixtures, Heat Treatment Baskets, Heat Treatment Trays, Radiant Tubes, Furnace Rollers, furnace grate bars,Smelting pot, Slag Pot, Aluminum Ingot Mold, etc.

Q: Can you manufacture Customization products?
A: Yes, We can produce both standard and special prosucts.
We can produce by your samples or technical drawings.
We can build the molds and fixtures.

Q: What is the Warranty for our products ?
A: If any quality problems on our side occurred in this period , we will take on the shipping cost and replacement.

Q: What information do we need to provide to you in order to confirm our parts order?
A: provide us your drawings or detailed specifications for our technical staff could make the drawing.

Q: What is the delivery time of your products?
A: It depends on the inventory availability.If items needed are in stock, the delivery time would be within 7 work days, but if not the delivery time would be around 30 work days.
We will send working schedule of your order each week.
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