Heat Resistant Steel Castings

EB China are professional cast furnace trays,Heat Treatment Cast Basket, cast pit furnace fixture, roller rails manufacturer. specialzes in producing all kinds of heat treatment fixtures used for heating processing equipment, like tray,basket,fan and so on.

Widely used for famous brand heat treatment equipment,such as IPSEN, AlCHELN, FONtON,multy purpose,furnace tray base, tray for heat treatment furnace, batch skid trays cast, furnace tray, grids baskets for heat treatment fixtures, investment casting base tray, roller hearth trays,stacking trays Tray Assemblies and so on.

  • Product: Heat Resistant Steel Castings
  • Min Order: 2 Piece
  • Temperature up to: 1200℃
  • Unit Weight: 5~200kgs
  • Material Grade: ASTM A297
  • Common sizes are often in stock
  • Dimensions have: According to customer drawings or according to mold
  • Machining Tolerance:+/-0.10mm
  • Surface: Shot/Sand blasting
  • Material: Heat Resistant Steel, Stainless Steel, etc.
  • Standard: ANSI, ASTM, ASME, DIN, Jis, BS, EN, GB etc.
  • Certificate: CE, ISO, Material Certificates, SGS Certificate.
  • Delivery time: 7-30 days / negotiable
  • Packaging Details: Pallets or wooden box
  • Payment method: wire transfer,etc.
  • Production Capacity: 6000tons/ Year
  • Port: Ship from Shanghai Port to the customer’s designated location.

Heat Resistant Steel Castings Heat Resistant Steel Castings

Heat Resistant Steel Castings Application:

Various types of heat treatment furnaces, Auto, Precision Gear, Heat-treating industries, wide application in various machinery sectors.

Heat Resistant Steel Castings Materials:
High nickel and high chrome heat-resistant alloys,Heat resistant stainless steel, stainless steel, cobalt base alloys, like HU, HT, HK, HP, HW,24/24NbTiZr,50Cr/50Ni (2.4813), , 1.4059, 1.4410, 1.4845, 1.4848, 1.4849,1.4852, 1.4865, 2848, 2.4879,GX40CrNiSiNb38-18, ZG4Cr25Ni20Si2, ZG4Cr25Ni35NbW etc or as per customer’s requirements.

Heat Resistant Steel Castings Process:
Precision casting/ investment casting/ sand casting/ machining and sand blasting/ Lost Wax Process & EPC process & Sand Process/ including machining process/ etc.

Heat Resistant Steel Castings Measurement inspection:
Mechanical properties testing, tensile strength, yield point, Non destructive inspection (NDT), magnetic particle inspection, dye penetrant test, ultrasonic.
Chemical analysis by spectrometer for each heat, PT 100%(liquid penetrant test), VI(visual inspect)100%, dimensional check.

Heat Resistant Steel Castings Material Grade:
GradeNominal Chemical Composition(W%)
HF19 Chromium,39 Nickel0.20-0.40220.040.0418.0-23.08.0-12.00.5
HH25 Chromium,12 Nickal0.20-0.50220.040.0424.0-28.011.0-14.00.5
HI28 Chromium,15 Nickal0.20-0.50220.040.0426.0-30.014.0-18.00.5
HK25 Chromium,20 Nickal0.20-0.60220.040.0424.0-28.018.0-22.00.5
HE29 Chromium,9 Nickal0.20-0.50220.040.0426.0-30.08.0-11.00.5
HT15 Chromium,35 Nickal0.35-0.7522.50.040.0415.0-19.033.0-37.00.5
HU19 Chromium,39 Nickal0.35-0.7522.50.040.0417.0-21.037.0-41.00.5
HW12 Chromium,60 Nickal0.35-0.7522.50.040.0410.0-14.058.0-62.00.5
HX17 Chromium,66 Nickal0.35-0.7522.50.040.0415.0-19.064.0-68.00.5
HC28 Chromium,0.5 Max120.040.0426.0-30.04.00 Max0.5
HD28 Chromium,5 Nickal0.5 Max120.040.0426.0-30.04.0-7.00.5
HL29 Chromium,20 Nickal0.20-0.60220.040.0428.0-32.018.0-22.00.5
HN20 Chromium,25 Nickal0.20-0.50220.040.0419.0-23.023.0-27.00.5
HP26 Chromium,35 Nickal0.35-0.7522.50.040.0424.0-28.033.0-37.00.5
Heat Resistant Steel Castings Heat Resistant Steel Castings
Variety of Heat Resistant Steel Castings products:
Multy purpose furnace trayStacking trays
Base tray for heat treatment furnacePusher Trays
Batch Furnace TraysBatch skid trays
Skid Hearth TraysCast furnace tray
Grids baskets for heat treatment fixturesPit Furnace Trays
lnvestment casting base trayRoller hearth trays
Car Bottom TraysTray Assemblies

Heat Resistant steel Castings are typically made out of stainless steels that have a high Chromium and Nickel count. To give longer service life of the Heat Resistant Steel Castings, we select only the 100% new raw material like pure nickle plate, FeCr60 chrome alloy, to guarantee the physical properties.

We know there are some factories are using recycled material or too much scrapped material leading to lower price but far less service life of the Heat Resistant Steel Castings, even cracks of the castings.
You can trust us that this situation will never happen to our Heat Resistant Steel Casting.
Our can provide finished Heat Resistant Steel Casting that have undergone heat treatment and mechanical processing.
Most of the Heat Resistant Steel Tray, Heat Treatment Baskets, Heat Treatment Fixtures in our model list are all standard designs and compatible with your existing furnace production line.
EB China have in-house production and inspection facilities to ensure the best quality.

Heat Resistant Steel Castings Heat Resistant Steel Castings

Widely used for famous brand Heat Treatment Fixtures, such as IPSEN, AlCHELN, FONtON, etc.
If you are interested in our Heat Treatment Fixtures, do not hesitate to contact me.
Please send us the drawing and technical requirements by email.


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