Heat-resistant Steel Casting

[Types of heat-resistant steel] 1. Heat-resistant steel can be divided into two types according to its performance: anti-oxidation steel and heat-strength steel. Anti-oxidation steel is also referred to as non-skinned steel.
2. Heat-resistant steel can be divided into austenitic heat-resistant steel, martensitic heat-resistant steel, ferritic heat-resistant steel and pearlitic heat-resistant steel according to its normalized structure.

Heat-resistant steel and stainless acid-resistant steel cross each other in the scope of use. Some stainless steels have the characteristics of heat-resistant steel, and can be used as stainless acid-resistant steel or heat-resistant steel.

[Heat-resistant steel] Alloy steel with high strength and good chemical stability at high temperatures. It includes two types of anti-oxidation steel (or non-skinned steel at high temperature) and hot-strength steel. Anti-oxidation steel generally requires better chemical stability, but bears lower loads. Hot-strength steel requires higher high-temperature strength and corresponding oxidation resistance. Heat-resistant steel casting is often used to manufacture parts and components that work at high temperatures in boilers, steam turbines, power machinery, industrial furnaces, and aviation, petrochemical and other industrial sectors. In addition to high-temperature strength and high-temperature oxidation and corrosion resistance, these parts also require sufficient toughness, good workability and weldability, and a certain degree of structural stability according to different uses. In addition, some new low-chromium-nickel anti-oxidation steels have been developed.

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