EB offers a wide range of heat-resistant stainless steel of 1.4713 products, EB specilized in sheets, plates, round bars, flat bars, square bars, angles, wire, welded and seamless tubes and pipes, fittings, forged parts – organized as one-stop-shopping-concept. New products in the delivery program are angles, squares bars and hexagon bars in heat-resistant stainless steel. If desired we machine finished parts accoeding to customer drawings. Should special sizes be needed, every required size can be customized with forged castings.


Standards: 1.4713 Eqv. X10CrAlSi7;

Description: 1.4713 is a heat resistant ferritic chronium stainless steel with aluminium in addition.

Special properties: Resistant to scaling up to 800℃. Resistant to oxidizing sulphuric gases. Good machinability.

Chemical Compositon:

C Si Mn  P S  Cr Al
≤0.12 0.50-1.00 ≤1.00 ≤0.04 ≤0.015 6.00-8.00 0.50-1.00

Mechanical Properties 20℃:

Hardness HB30 Yield Strength Tensile Strength Elongation Resistant on air up to ℃ Modulus of elasticity KN/mm²
≤192HB ≥ 220N/mm² 420-620N/mm² ≥20% 800 215

Physical Properties 20℃:

Density  g/cm³ Specific heat capacity J/kg K Thermal conductivity W/m K Electrical resistivity mm²/m
4.51 520 21 0.47


chemical industry, aerospace industry, medical applications.

Available forms for 3.7025/Ti grade 1:

Sheets/Plates, Bars, Wire, Tubes/ Pipes, Fittings, Forged/ cast parts, Finished parts(Drawing).






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