1. In September 2018, we made a batch of high chromium sleeves for Vietnamese customers.


HBW555XCr21 High Chromium Sleeve Centrifugal Casting
HBW555XCr21 High Chromium Sleeve Centrifugal Casting

2.The difficulty lies in the machining of the centrifugal casting wall with high hardness.The high chromium sleeve casting adopts centrifugal casting technology, which overcomes the difficulty of thin-walled pipe and successfully meets the requirements of the drawing.Through quenching and tempering, the hardness reaches HRC58 and has excellent wear resistance.

3.This is the second cooperation between Vietnamese customers and us. Thank you very much for your trust and long-term support.Sincerely hope to use our professional wear-resistant technology to provide customers with effective solutions.

4.High chromium sleeve castings are mainly used for excavator bucket bushing bushing, mine large-tonnage grab, port dredging grab and other operating environments that need to resist impact and wear resistance.The company produces moulds of different specifications to meet the personalized needs of users.At present has formed the serialization, the scale production, is the high chromium sleeve specialized production factory.At present, the company has provided wear-resistant steel products supporting services for dozens of domestic and foreign port machinery manufacturers, mining machinery plants and bulk cargo terminals, and the main customers are distributed in the coastal areas of southeast Asia, Australia, Europe, the United States, Canada, shandong, Shanghai, jiangsu and zhejiang.

5.There are three categories of materials: 1.2. Wear resistance, impact resistance and corrosion resistance (martensitic stainless steel);3. Cobalt base, nickel base superalloy.We can design drawings according to customer demands to meet customer’s personalized needs.Process method: centrifugal casting.Advantages: high density of castings, less defects such as pores and slag inclusion, high mechanical properties, whole-process spectrum detection throughout the whole casting process.

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