The performance of H65 brass bushing is between H68 and H62, which is cheaper than H68. It has good mechanical properties, high strength and plasticity, can withstand cold and hot pressure processing, and is prone to corrosion cracking.

H65 Brass Bushing

H65 Brass Bushing









H65 brass is used for  making hardware, daily necessities,screws and other parts.

Please find H65 Brass Bushing chemical composition as below:

Cu :63.5~68.0   Zn:余量  Pb:≤0.03  P:≤0.01  Fe:≤0.10  Sb :≤0.005  Bi:≤0.005  Note: ≤0.3(impurity).

Mechanical properties is as below:

The tensile strength of cell b (MPa) was ≥390.

Longitudinal tensile mechanical properties of bar at room temperature.

H65 Brass Bushing H65 Brass Bushing









The difference between C3600 brass bushing and H65 brass bushing is as bellow:

C3600 and H65 are not of the same material, although they are of brass type, they are not of the same material.

Material composition is not copper: C36000 is the United States standard lead brass. H65 is a type of Chinese brass, but it doesn’t contain lead.

Performance difference: C3600 lead brass has excellent cutting performance with high anti-friction performance, while H65 brass has poor cutting performance with a bit of stickiness.

Different application fields: C36000 is applied to clock parts, automobile, tractor and general machine parts. H65 is used for making hardware, daily necessities, screws and other parts, corrosion-resistant.So C3600 is not the same material as H65.