In early August 2018, we produced 300pieces of HT250 sleeves and shipped them to the United States.






  1. We produce HT250 sleeves with centrifugal cast process. The size purchased by the customer this time is OD 5 x ID 6.9 x 8 inch and the material grade is gray iron 250.






2. This is the customer’s fourth purchase since 2016last year, the extra port demurrage cost occurred because the client was hospitalized and failed to pick up the goods at the port in time, but we provided the client with the following solution in time:

  • we take the initiative to bear part of the demurrage charge;
  • Forthe all new projects, we proposed a complete set of solution for the customer: we are responsible for all the way from the Chinese port to the customer’s warehouse, which helped him solve the customs clearance and inland transportation problems from the destination port.









3. The manufacturing requirements of HT250 sleevesare high, and the tolerance of all sizes should be controlled at + / -0.762mm, and the surface accuracy should all be up to Ra6.3. Therefore, we are very careful with the casting quality in all the production process from casting to machining, and we continue to improve our process and toolings to achieve customers satisfactory quality.






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