The material tray is used in the high temperature heat treatment furnace.It is the most core heat treatment tooling parts.With the continuous improvement of the precision requirements for the workpiece heat treatment, now it has been evolved different specifications of heat treatment base trays.

Heat treatment tray is mostly used for continuous carburizing, nitriding furnace in the protective atmosphere.The working temperature is from 550 degrees to 1250 degrees.As a carrier of the workpieces through the heat treatment process, it need to be resistant to rapid cooling and rapid heating.We can  design heat-resistant steel basket and trays according to customer requirements.

  1. We adopt the following steel grades:ZG45Cr28Ni48W5Si2<2848W5>, zg35cr28ni28ni48 <2848>, ZG40Cr25Ni35NbW, 2535W2, 2535, ZG40Cr25Ni20Si2<2520(310S)>, ZGCr26Ni12, Cr24Ni7Si2, 1838, CrMnN< chrome-manganese nitrogen >, 304, 316, 316L, HK40, HK50, more-1, more-2, HH, HU, HP, TAH, Co20, Co50,SUPER22H, Cr35Ni45Nb+ trace elements.
  2. We adopt the following production process:precision casting process, sand casting process, epc casting process, mechanical processing, welding and assembly.
  3. Heat treatment traysare widely used in AICHELIN, Ipsen, Huisen, Fengdong and other industrial furnaceIt can be used in scientific research, military, metallurgy, petrochemical, coal, mining, electric power, machinery, building materials, paper, feed, environmental protection and other industries and departments.


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