GH825 High Temperature Alloy

GH825 bar and strip, GH825 American standard query GH825 material production, GH825 chemical composition GH825 superalloy GH825 material delivery status:

  1. Bars are supplied in forged, black-skinned, polished or car polished state; 2. Round cakes and ring blanks are supplied in forged state; 3. Rings are supplied in solid solution state; 4. Plates are supplied in solid solution , Alkali pickling, straightening and trimming supply; strips are delivered after cold rolling, solution solution, and descaling; wire materials are delivered in solid solution pickled disc or straight strips, solid solution straight strips and finely polished goods. Plate and strip surface: bright surface, 2B surface, BA (6k) mirror surface, 8K mirror surface, brushed surface, frosted surface, fine plate surface: bright surface, matte surface, matte surface, mirror surface, and can be plated according to customer requirements.

Defects in GH825 processing:

Everyone should pay attention to the following points during processing (1) Dust and floating iron powder are embedded on the surface of the material (2) Rough grinding and rough surface can cause corrosion and deposits, (3) When the welder starts arc on the surface of the sheet, protect Damaged film (4) Grease paint pen marks residual adhesive.

GH825 High Temperature Alloy

GH825 application areas:

It is widely used in aerospace, power energy, oil and gas, chemical processing, engineering, shipbuilding and transportation, machinery manufacturing, electronic technology, automobile industry, environmental protection and other fields. I briefly introduced a piece of steel information, but here is one point. In the procurement process, some people may not understand the theoretical calculation formula of steel weight. Although there may be online, but there are also discrepancies. Today, send the correct formula to Everyone, for daily use.

Temperature of Intermetallic Compounds 1) The brittleness of intermetallic compounds. The important problem of intermetallic compounds is the brittleness at room temperature. The reason is related to its ordered arrangement and complex crystal structure. A crystal structure with low symmetry has few slip systems, and the number of slip systems necessary for coordinated deformation between different crystal grains is small, so cracks are easily generated. Although some alloys have sufficient sliding systems, such as face-centered cubic Ni3AI, single crystals have good plasticity, but polycrystalline materials are very brittle. The reason is the brittleness of grain boundaries. One of the factors that cause the grain boundary brittleness is the segregation of harmful impurities on the grain boundary; the other more important reason is the brittle nature of the grain boundary of the ordered alloy. Even the high purity Ni3AI is still brittle at room temperature. The main reason is that the grain boundary is very brittle in nature.


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