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  Drilling rigs for core exploration. Typical models are XY-44A, with drilling depths of 1600 meters for 50 drill pipes and 1200 meters for 60 drill pipes. It is mainly used for vertical and oblique 450 geological mineral exploration holes, coal field exploration holes and petroleum exploration holes, can also be used for water sources and other similar engineering drilling. Structural features: The rig adopts mechanical transmission, its structure is simple, and it is easy to maintain and operate. The drilling rig is equipped with a water brake device, which can control the drilling speed, reduce the wear of drums, brake belts and other components, eliminate the impact of the lifting system, and ensure the safety of drilling. Technical improvements were made on the original rig. The clutch part was added with a shaft diameter device to increase the power of the drive shaft. The gears in the transmission of the rig were also strengthened in terms of materials and processes.

There are also THJ-2600 core drilling rigs, which are 2600 meters with 60 drill pipes and 2000 meters with 73 drill pipes. Uses: THJ-2000 drill rigs are suitable for deep holes such as coalfield geology, hydrogeology, metal deposits, non-metallic deposits and natural gas. Drilling engineering has strong practicability, operability and versatility.

Structural features: TSJ-2000E water source drilling rig components are used in many parts of the rig. The structure of rotary table rotation, mechanical transmission, vertical shaft rotation, and hydraulic cylinder feed. In addition, it has large lifting capacity, large vertical shaft pass, wide speed range, low center of gravity, stable transmission, sturdy and durable, and reasonable drilling rig layout. It can meet the requirements of diamond drilling, cemented carbide drilling and rope core drilling. The rig can be equipped with electric motor or diesel engine for users to choose according to the operating environment or conditions.

Core drilling rig

It is suitable for the development of medium and shallow oil wells and deep hot and cold water, drilling of natural gas, salt wells, coalbed methane mining, and development of coal mine wells.

Mainly rotary rigs. The main models are TSJ-3000, TSJ-2600, TSJ-2000, TSJ-1500, and TSJ-1000. There are three types of turntable passages, including 435mm, 445mm, and 660mm. The drilling depth is from 1000. Meters to 3000 meters. Meet the exploration of large-diameter wells such as water wells, salt wells, geothermal wells, and coalbed methane in most of China. According to China’s existing development needs, the demand for geothermal well exploration is becoming increasingly urgent. The proportion of foreign geothermal wells in energy use is about 5%, and China is now only less than 1%, and development efforts are relatively large in large cities in China, such as Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, etc. The rest, except some local cities, such as Liaocheng and Baoding, need to be developed. The use of geothermal wells in the community can save about 60% of consumption. Hebei Yongming Geological Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. has focused on the development of water source drilling rigs in recent years, with significant improvements in many aspects, eliminating the disadvantages of the original turntable oil throwing and oil leakage, and strengthening the material and production accuracy of the gears, which is more in line with current requirements. More durable and more efficient.

Water source rigs Drilling Rig

It is mainly used for deep hole drilling equipment in the fields of geological prospecting, hydrological wells, coalfield geological exploration, oil and gas exploration and development, and other fields. The main models are YDL-300HDX and XY-6B. This rig combines the advantages of vertical shaft hydraulic rigs. It can drill small-diameter diamonds and large-diameter drills. It can drill vertically or diagonally hole. This drilling rig is an ideal equipment for deep-hole geological exploration. Structural features: XY-6B core drilling rig adopts hydraulic transmission, high vertical shaft speed and wide speed range. The elevator is equipped with a water brake, which lowers the drilling tool smoothly and safely. Oil-impregnated clutch with smooth starting and attached braking device. The hydraulic operating system reserves a special valve port, which can be used when equipped with a pipe twisting machine. The distance of the rig moving back and forth is large, which facilitates the operation of the orifice. The vertical shaft through-hole diameter is large, which can meet the requirements of various drilling processes. The whole machine has a moderate weight and good disassembly performance, which is convenient for transportation and relocation. At the same time, in recent years, China has been committed to the research and development of hydraulic fully-automatic truck-mounted rigs. All major prospecting plants have similar hydraulic rigs. But compared with the truck-mounted drilling rigs in the United States, Germany, and Italy, there is still much room for development. It is believed that in about 5 years, domestic fully hydraulic truck-mounted rigs can also reach foreign technical standards, and the quality still depends on the overall domestic development level.

Exploration rigs Drilling Rig

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