Wuxi in May is green, everywhere full of life, the weather gradually hot, there is always an urge to embrace nature.

Wuxi Qianbai material Science and TechnologyAfter busy work, colleagues go to nature to breathe fresh air, exercise their muscles and bones, exercise their bodies, get close to nature, feel the smell of nature, and promote us to join in.Wuxi Kilob Material Technology.To promote mutual understanding and communication among team members, to strengthen everyone’s team spirit, to build and cultivate a sense of cooperation, to increase team cohesion, and to strengthen our team cohesion.“5”This is the beginning of the “journey to the blue moon.”

5month25On Saturday morning, the sky was clear and the sun was shining. Although the weather was a little hot, the enthusiasm of the partners to climb the mountain remained unabated and the mood was high.We gathered at the bridgehead of Changguangxi Park, and professional climbers led us to warm up for ten minutes. Junzhang Mountain was in front of our Challenger.

We’re climbing the mountain! Everyone was full of energy and spirit, and worked hard towards the top of the mountain. Although individual partners slow down mountaineering due to physical reasons, they encourage each other, support each other, and embody the power of unity everywhere.

About an hour later, all reached the summit. The wind blew in, dried the sweat left by the climb, and we looked at the feeling of “taking a look at the small mountains around us”. This feel is really cool. All the beautiful scenery in the mountain has a panoramic view, the mountain is loose and green, the forest is dyed, and it is extraordinarily moving.。

ConquestJunzhangAfter the mountain, we went down the roadIn 2005, we browsed the beautiful scenery near Junzhang Mountain, and we could pick some wild raspberries as we walked. All the way on foot, we finally reached Xuelangshan, known as the first peak of Taihu Lake.

The day gradually began to be a little rain, but it did not give up the enthusiasm of our mountain climbing, because we could enjoy the dream of the garden and the grass garden in the two mountains. All of us had to go to the top of the mountain, though the middle still had a little rain, but it didn’t cast out the enthusiasm of everyone.

After two hours of climbing, we finally reached the top of the mountain, in the beautiful nature, we took a picture as a memento.

At the same time, the mountaineering is a contest between physical strength and endurance. In the process of climbing the mountain, the team members have always carried forward the spirit of hard work, unity and cooperation, work hard and climb the peak bravely, not only experienced the difficulty and achievement of climbing, but also showed that the partners of Wuxi Qianbai material technology are a unity and hard work. A tenacious high-quality team. The development of activities has effectively enhanced the collective sense of honor of employees, enhanced the communication between employees, brought closer the distance between each other, and greatly enhanced the collective cohesion. We should learn to experience the beauty of nature, to enjoy the merciless fun of spring, to return to nature, to relax and embrace nature. This activity has promoted the cultural construction of Wuxi Qianbai material Science and Technology Co., Ltd., enriched the spare time cultural life of employees, promoted the exchange between everyone, and enhanced the friendship between everyone.



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