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EB China will participate in No.127 China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) from June 15 to June 24,2020.Welcome to our online Show.

This time we will show seven main products::

Wear resistance:
Heat resistance:
Drilling rig:
Protective Equipment:
Bolts and nuts:

1.Wear resistance:

Applicable to mill lining in various mills, chute liner casting, Cr Mo steel casting, high chromium white iron, high Mn steel casting, Ni hard white iron, wear-resistant plate, jaw plate for large-scale mining machine, fixed jaw , Dynamic jaws, mills and other customized high-alloy wear-resistant products.

2.Heat resistance:

Cooler Plates, heat treatment fixtures [for industrial furnaces, heat treatment furnace plates, heat treatment material frame baskets, and guide bars and other furnace accessories, parts], furnace rollers, grate bars, [smelting furnaces, smelting required by large industrial plants Pots, melting crucibles, slag pots, aluminum ingot molds, various metal molds] radiant tubes, and other heat-resistant alloy products, customized products.

3.Corrosion resistance:

Nickel alloy casting and forging (parts), dental alloy, Monel, Inconel, nickel alloy, Inconel, cobalt alloy casting, tungsten chromium cobalt alloy, stainless steel, pure copper and copper alloy, aluminum alloy, lead Alloy, magnesium, zinc, titanium, tantalum, etc.

Among them are castings and forgings, plates, tubes, rods, rolls, foils, powders, wires, balls, valve seats, welding rods, welding wires, forging rings, bushings, stampings, Flange, valve , die castings, and more customized products.

The variety of products exhibited at this exhibition can reflect the strength and reliability of our company and factory in production and customization.

4.Drilling rigs:

there are exploration rigs, water well rigs, oil rigs, crawler type, trailer type, automation, Drilling platform and many other products

5.Hot protective equipment:

Mask machine, [N95, KN95, 3-layer mask machine, medical mask machine] Fully automatic, semi-automatic, cup type, etc. Various styles and styles.
Spot welding machine, non-woven fabric machine, non-woven fabric bag making machine, melt-blown fabric production line, mist spray machine, etc.
Masks, protective masks, protective helmets, gloves, nitrile gloves, disinfection lamps, thermometers, goggles, protective clothing, body bags, medical reagents, and a variety of medical machinery production.

body bag Face Shield

3PLY mask making machine (7)kn95 mask making machinekn95 mask making machine

6.Bolts and Nut:

various high-strength, ordinary, medium, bolts, anchor bolts, long rod bolts, full grain long rod bolts, 6 angle bolts, cat eye bolts, mill bolts, and other customized bolt products. We have a variety of materials, stainless steel, carbon steel , High alloy steel, copper bolts, etc., suitable for various environments