Did You Notice Me?-EB Casting Job Fair

With the development of EB Casting,we came to the campus job fair to import fresh blood and reserve high-tech talents. On November 8, 2019, we attended the Autumn 2019 Job Fair held by Jiangnan University Business School. Thank you, Jiangnan University, from the bottom of my heart for your support to our employer’s recruitment work!

EB Casting

The business school has a complete subject setting and talent training system, with management and economics as the main body. It now has five undergraduate majors in industrial engineering, international economy and trade, accounting, finance and business administration. It has three master’s degrees in applied economics, business administration and management science and engineering, as well as two major degrees in business administration (MBA) and logistics engineering.

EB Alloy is a professional manufacturer of high alloy castings and forgings with 20-year history!!Our main products include corrosion, wear & heat-resistant castings & forgings with ferrous and non-ferrous castings and forgings materials with good services.Our castings and forgings have been exported to more than 60 countries.

Our recent main recruitment positions for EB Casting are:

EB Casting Job 1: Foreign Trade Salesperson (mainly international trade, business English related major. Experience the fun of international communication, broaden the field of vision, make friends from five continents; experience the sense of achievement from early communication to success, and actively open up the international market and improve the ability of business transformation).

EB Casting Job 2: Mechanical Engineer (Experience the achievement of the whole process from drawing to actual parts casting and molding; have the opportunity of international exchange; look at the drawing unit, quotation, review, drawing, quality control; cooperate with the casting engineer to complete the product design, production, quality inspection;)

EB Casting Job 3: Website Editor

Major in Electronic Commerce, International Trade, Business English and so on. Responsible for the maintenance and operation of the company’s international website, B2B platform and social media.

Independent operation of the Alibaba background, operating P4P account,the statistics of the number and quality of the platform inquiry, the transactional work between sales team and website team.

The job fair starts on time at 14:00.It is located in the school activity hall.The venue is crowded.Every job seeker is busy looking for the most suitable job for himself.Each employer will answer each candidate’s questions carefully.But as the number of applicants increases, almost all the companies are lined up in front of the stalls.

Recruiting graduates, with full of hot blood, young students, will bring our enterprise a boom and prosperity.Higher education is also a development trend in the future. The old employees working in the company for a long time are susceptible to the influence of the culture and habits of the company, but less energy and vitality. At this time, it is beneficial to introduce a certain number of college students to increase the vitality and spirit of the company.It will activate the atmosphere of EB Company and increase the innovation power.

Through this job fair,we learned a lot about the fresh students. The candidates for this job are mainly by 2020. And they will leave their school life immediately.They will enter into the family of the society. At the beginning, the candidates are shy and shy.After the introduction of HR of each enterprise, they became to open minded. All are active to find the occupation that they are looking forward to. We have also received a lot of resumes at the job fair.We will contact them one by one.We are looking forward to your joining us,EB Casting.

Dear students, are you still planning for the future ? And I have quietly come to your side.Did you notice me?