E7018 Welding Rods

E7018 electrode is a high-quality carbon steel electrode with iron powder and low hydrogen potassium type coating. It has good arc stiffness and is not easy to produce magnetic bias blowing. The welding seam is fine and beautiful, less spattering, easy to remove slag, and the welding seam has better Low temperature toughness and crack resistance, both AC and DC, can be welded in all positions.

E7018 Welding Rods

Any electrode with the end code of 5, 6, or 8 marked with a code is a low-hydrogen type electrode. These electrodes specifically limit the hydrogen content in the final weld. Measures to reduce the hydrogen content should be paid attention to from cleaning weldments, joint design, and welding discontinuities. When welding with the E7018 electrode, in order to prevent hydrogen from being deposited into the weld, the flux on the electrode should be kept dry. Once the electrode packaging box is opened, its flux will begin to absorb moisture in the air. About 4 hours of exposure to air, the performance of the flux coating will be compromised. If this happens, the electrode will no longer play its due role, especially when welding high strength and low alloy steel. If you are using a welding rod with a new H4R suffix, it will maintain good performance in the air for 9h instead of 4h.

Since the E7018 electrode easily absorbs moisture, it is stored in the electrode drying oven. The electrode stored in the air can be re-baked at 350~400℃ for 1h~2h. In order to restore the performance of its drug skin. The non-baked E7018 electrode can be used to weld mild steel, but the final weld strength may not be high enough.


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