In  Sep.2017,we produced a batch of aluminum castings for our Russian customer.

Aluminum Castings
Aluminum Castings










1.There are two types of aluminum castings: 6063 and ZL101.

Composition (%)SiMgCuMnZnTiBePbAl

2.We adopted the casting process to make aluminum parts.

Aluminum Castings
Aluminum Castings










3.In the process of casting and machining of aluminum components, we encountered some problems but we kept improving, finally we solved them immediately.

4.After the aluminum casting were finnshed on CNC,we did the leaking inspection,dimensional check,chemical analysis.

5.According to the customer’s requirement, we sprayed painting on all the aluminum parts.

6.As soon as the final inspection was done, we packed and shipped the castings in order.

Gravity cast process is a kind of high efficient casting technique.Unlike aluminum die casting process,Gravity process is utilizing gravity to fill aluminum alloy liquid into the dies.

The flow chart of aluminum gravity casting is as below:

  1. We make the dies on CNC machines.
  2. We melt aluminum ingots,and pour the aluminum liquid into the permanent diesto fill the cavity by handwork or by gravity casting machines.
  3. We cool the poured aluminum alloy for a while for solidification.
  4. We take the aluminum gravity casting blanks from the
  5. We remove the risers and clean and grind the parts.

There are lots of Advantages of  Aluminum Gravity Castings as below:

  • Using sand cores in gravity die casting makes it possible to manufacture items with complicated inner shapes in a cost effective way in small and medium quantities.
  • The tolerances and surface finish are good.
  • This casting method gives better tolerances and surface finish than sand casting. But the tooling costs are a bit higher than by sand casting.
  • Gravity die casting method is competitive casting method when production quantity is relatively small or when heat treatment is needed to improve the mechanical properties.


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