Crusher Hammer

Crusher Hammer is one of the main crusher wear parts in the hammer crusher, which install on the hammer crusher rotor. When hammer crusher is running, the crusher hammers direct to hit the raw material. Hammer play an important role in crushing different types of materials, so there are kinds of material hammers classification.

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Crusher Hammer

Hammer Classification:

Manganese Steel Crusher Hammer:

Manganese steel wear-resistant hammer, reliable quality, wear resistance three times more than traditional material crusher hammers. The hammer is widely used in the new dry cement production line supporting large limestone crusher.
High manganese steel hammer have good toughness, good technology, low price. Its main feature is the greater impact or contact stress under the action of the surface layer will quickly produce work hardening, the work hardening index higher than other materials 5 -7 times, the wear resistance can be greatly improved.

High Chrome Crusher Hammer:

High chrome Hammer hardness is excellent, is a high-quality wear-resistant materials in the crusher support hammer and impact crusher has been widely used, but the high-chromium alloy toughness is poor, easy to break in the absence of support hammer shell.
High-chromium composite hammer, hammer handle with high manganese steel, hammerhead work area with high-chromium alloy, the two together, so that the hammer has a high hardness, hammer handle with high toughness, give full play to the two materials, to overcome their own advantages A single material shortcomings, to meet the performance requirements of the hammer.
Particularly suitable for crushing high hardness materials, such as quartz stone, basalt and so on.

Forging Hammer:

Forging hammer mainly use in crushing pebbles, coal gangue, limestone, etc. Forging hammer with high-quality train wheel steel (65Mn material, good impact resistance, toughness, wear resistance, and not easy to break) the use of forging machinery repeatedly forging metal billet to produce deformation in order to obtain a certain mechanical properties , A certain shape and size, after a special quenching heat treatment methods to ensure that the work area of the hammer to be high hardness, high wear-resistant properties. Through forging can eliminate the metal in the smelting process, such as casting defects such as loose, optimize the microstructure, and because of the preservation of a complete metal flow line, forging mechanical properties are generally better than casting.

Carbide Alloy Hammer:

Carbide Alloy Hammer compare to other material products, it has higher hardness, bending strength and impact, better hardness, lower cost.It solve the high-manganese material prone to crack, desoldering, collapse mouth, out of blocks and other problems.

Crusher Hammer Crusher Hammer

Crusher Hammer Performance Characteristics:

Because hammer’s center of gravity in the radial radius of radial shift, the hammer in the middle of the line speed increases. Hammer crusher hammer impact on the material work has increased, thus improving the crushing effect.
The effective wear of crusher hammer have increased.
Reduce the grain size and improve the yield.
Improve the grinding result.

Crusher Hammer

So how to extend the wear parts service life?

Impact Crusher wearing parts is mainly the rotor and plate hammer; the sand making machine (Vertical Shaft Impact Sand making machine), it’s wear parts mainly include the impeller ‘s board hammer, alloy heads, linings, rotors, jaw crusher spare parts is jaw plate and liner plate;hammer crusher ‘s wear parts is hammer; cone crusher wearing parts are rolling acetabular wall and the broken wall. Controlling the right gravel machinery daily work skills can decrease wear efficiency, extend the service life of wear parts.

For example, when the jaw crusher is working , the vibration of the jaw plate bolts and the nuts loose will lead to the jaw plate wear increase and generated a great deal of noise, even can cause the jaw plate to fall off or discount. Therefore, in order to extend the life of the jaw plate , must frequently check the nuts, bolts, to prevent wear, jaw plate loose, broken, thus can extend the life of the jaw plate, reduce costs, improve work efficiency.

We can provide you with various brands of Crusher spare parts, also can customize and produce according to your working conditions.


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