In April 2018, EB company produced a batch of Cr16 high chromium bushing.

  1. In the early stage, there are six pieces, the material is Cr16, the weight of each piece is about 60kg, the wall thickness is 15mm, and the hardness is HRC40 after annealing.
Cr16 High Chrome Bush for Grain Machinery
Cr16 High Chrome Bush for Grain Machinery








2.This batch of products adopt centrifugal casting process.

3.The difficulty of this piece is that the wall thickness is relatively thin and the machining is not easy. For the white cast iron parts with high hardness, the installation requirements of internal and external round clamps are very high during machining process.Difficulties encountered in machining.Finally we adjusted machining tools to make finished products.At the same time, the molten iron of high chromium cast iron requires high purity, otherwise the defects such as shrinkage hole, porosity and sand hole occur, which will affect the use.

4.Centrifugal casting is the technology and method of injecting liquid metal into the high-speed spinning mold to make the liquid metal centrifugal motion filled with mold and forming the casting.Because of the centrifugal motion, the liquid metal can be well filled in the radial direction and form the free surface of the casting.Cylindrical inner holes can be obtained without core.It is helpful for the removal of gases and inclusions from liquid metals.The mechanical and physical properties of the casting can be improved by influencing the crystallization process of the metal.


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