Comprehensive Machinery Exhibition

Today is July 24, 2020, which is fifth day and the last day that EB China participated in the live broadcast of Jiangsu Comprehensive Machinery Exhibition. Our live broadcast address is:

Today there are three live broadcasts. Luna introduced our face shield, John introduced the lifter bars and blades, and Shelly introduced our metal powder.

Comprehensive Machinery Exhibition

Thank you three live broadcasts for their wonderful sharing! Your demeanor spreads to the world on the EB China platform, and the beauty will stay in the world forever! The more you share, the more you grow!

I know you may be interested in our products. Do you have any purchase plans recently? We are live broadcast at the Comprehensive Machinery Exhibition to introduce our products. If you are interested in our products, please come and watch our live broadcast! There are two ways to enter the live broadcast:

  1. Directly click the link to enter our live broadcast:

  1. Go to the Machinery Exhibition website, our homepage:

Looking forward to seeing you in the live broadcast room.