Chairman of Cross-border Internet Chamber of Commerce and Leaders of Taihu University Business School and Hongdou International

Explore Cooperation in the Development of Cross-border E-commerce Business

On August 14th, Xu Dake, President of Cross-border Online Chamber of Commerce, and Liu Xuexu, Honorary President of the Chamber of Commerce, warmly received Xu Liqing, Dean of Business School of Taihu University, and Li Yang, Manager of Jiangsu Hongdou International Development Co., Ltd. at the Chamber of Commerce. The two chairpersons briefly introduced the general situation of the Chamber of Commerce and the establishment of the cross-border e-commerce school in China (Wuxi) with the Taihu University Business School, Eternal Bliss Alloy Casting & Forging Co., Ltd., and Wuxi The situation of the real-world e-commerce training base.EB China is a professional supplier of high alloy castings,forgings,machines and protective items. President Xu Liqing introduced to manager Li Yang and others the specialty setting of China (Wuxi) cross border e-commerce college, the class running situation of cross-border e-commerce major, and various docking modes with enterprises and society, including agent training, double selection, training and other cross-border e-commerce personnel demand.Dean Xu said that as a large-scale well-known private enterprise in the country, Hongdou Group welcomes cooperation in providing various professionals including cross-border e-commerce talents to provide talent support for Hongdou International. On behalf of Hongdou International, Manager Li Yang talked about the idea of developing cross-border e-commerce business and developing cross-border e-commerce platform from a corporate perspective. At the same time, preliminary discussions were made on the cooperative development of cross-border e-commerce business.

Secretariat of the Cross-border Internet Chamber of Commerce

August 15, 2020