CFC Fixtures VS ordinary Heat-treatment Fixture

Carbon Fiber Composite, or CFC fixtures have become the primary solution due to the material’s advantageous properties in comparison to traditional cast and welded metal. Fixtures are commonly used in the heat treating industry and consist of varying designs contingent upon the specific application.

CFC fixtures provide so many benefits over traditional forms High-temp alloy fixtures used Vacuum and high-temperature furnaces. Switching to a CFC fixtures allow users to increase productivity, output because CFC offers a lightweight solution. And minimum downtime due to the longevity and robustness that CFC composite offers .Vacuum Heat treatment furnaces can benefit from increased furnace capacity. High strength low weight CFC jig assemblies are used for vacuum heat treatment and brazing of turbine blades, oil coolers, stainless steel brazing and sintering.

CFC Fixture advantages
will not warp over time – Unlike Alloy fixtures
lighter, stronger and resilient to Thermal shock
less material compared to Graphite and Alloys – This allows for an increase in production output
have Excellent thermal conductivity – Contributes to lower overheads and energy costs
durable and strong – This allows for low to zero maintenance needed on the fixture
CFC Fixtures can withstand temperatures up to 2000°c

cfc next fixtures

CFC fixtures offer large reduction in weight and overall mass contribute to reduced heat-cycle times(time it takes a fixture to reach optimum temperature) which helps reduce running costs to furnace users and production output. And because CFC fixtures are far stronger than alloys and Graphite you can reduce the physical size while increasing the work area on the fixture. Thus improving production output.

CFC jigs offer increased furnace productivity and energy savings due to low thermal mass.
Online Furnace custom design trays and fixtures to suit individual furnace type and workpiece components.
These can be supplied coated with refractory oxide barrier coatings or as manufactured depending on process requirements.

Our CFC fixtures Benefits include:

  • Light Weight
  • High Strength
  • Robust
  • Quick Assembly
  • Long Lifetime
  • Non-distorting
  • Weight Savings.

CFC fixtures

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