In August 2016,Centrifugally Cast tubes Duplex Stainless Steel SAF2205,totally 8 sets,were delivered to Australia by air.

This series of cast tube products include Liner Throat, Wear Ring, Seat Ring .

1.We adopted centrifugal casting process to make the tubes.

Firstly,casting a whole long tube, 1800mm long;

Secondly cut into 4 sections , 400mm long each;

Thirdly followed by solution treatment.

It is not an easy job.As the length of the tube is long, there is a certain angle in the inner wall, and 2205 material is relatively soft, easily deformed. We made efforts on special tooling to overcome the deformation of the tubes during machining process.

  • The weight of this tube is about 70kg. The tubes have passed X-ray inspection;Chemical composition and mechanical properties have passed a third-party laboratory examination.
  • For duplex steel workpiece Liner Throat, size: OD435 x ID398 x 365, we have carried out a solution treatment to enhance the strength of the material and to ensure that the stress is fully relieved.

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