Cement mill  is the key equipment for grinding materials after crushing.Cement mill has the characteristics of strong adaptability to materials, continuous production, large grinding ratio, easy to adjust the fineness of grinding powder.Cement mill can be used by wet grinding process as well as by dry process.Grinding and drying can also be carried out at the same time.

Liner is used to protect the cylinder body from the direct impact and friction of the grinding media and materials. At the same time, different forms of liner can be used to adjust the motion state of the abrasive body, so as to enhance the grinding effect of the abrasive media on the material, which is conducive to improving the grinding efficiency of the mill, increasing the output and reducing the metal consumption.

Cement mill is an important equipment of grinding technology, and liner is the core component of cement mill. The quality of liner directly determines the quality and grinding efficiency of the mill.

Cement mill lining board can be divided into three categories according to the material: high chromium cast iron alloy lining board, chromium molybdenum alloy steel lining board, high manganese steel lining plates;According to the form of lining board can be divided into: step liners , big wave liners , classifying liners , groove liners , small corrugated liners , intermediate diaphragm liners , end liners.

Cement mill liner





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