1. On December 14, 2018, bangladeshi customers visited our casting and forging workshops and discussed the technical and commercial issues of lining plates for each warehouse of Cement Mill
  2. Cement mill is the key equipment for crushing materials after being broken.Grinding lining board has ladder lining board, large corrugated lining board, grooves lining board, grading lining board, small corrugated lining board, compartment board these several forms, the general use of high chromium cast iron material, in the cement dry valve production, wear can do the lowest.Scientific liner and magic ball material selection and reasonable gradation can ensure the efficient operation of cement mill.
  3. This customer visit is mainly to discuss how to improve the operation efficiency of the entire cement production line and reduce costs for customers.We suggest to set up the middle pressure roller press, the investment is only about 10% of the high pressure roller press.
  4. Our professional cement mill production line transformation technology and professional wear-resistant lining technology make the customer very satisfied with this exchange. At the same time, the customer also indicated that he would visit us again in 2019 to visit our ceramic lining plate and single warehouse grinding experimental base on the spot. We believe that we can cooperate with each other in the New Year.