lndian Customer Visits Our Foundry in Wuxi About Castings and Forgings

On December 23, 2019, Indian mining customer came to our foundry for visit and negotiation.of high alloy castings and forgings.

We show our customer around our production plant.Then,we discussed the working conditions and mining application of alloy steel, carbon steel castings, high chromium castings, and chromium-molybdenum alloy steel forgings.

The customer visited our open die forging workshop, casting workshop, stamping workshop and wear plate fabrication workshop. At the workshop site, the customer carefully checked our nickel hard cast iron plates, pearlite chrome molybdenum steel lifting bar castings, 35CrMo crusher special bolts and gaskets, heat-resistant steel trays and other castings and forgings products. This is one of the reasons why they are eager to visit us this time.Castings and Forgings

After the customer visited our casting and forging workshops and production process, we had an in-depth discussion on the drawings, production process and working condition design of related casting and forging products. The customer clearly stated that a single forging process could be used without any machining. We expressed that we will optimize drawing and dimensional tolerances and update the quotes as soon as possible.


Then we discussed the white iron castings.The customer purchases more than 2,000 tons of high chromium castings each year and now they are considering to purchase from China. We carried out detailed communication in terms of production capacity, delivery time, QC plan and good coordination.Finally both of us reached high cooperation intention. Price is also their focus point.

In 2020,we are sure that we will start a fruitful cooperation!