C45 Forged Steel Balls Sent To UAE

UAE customer purchased a batch of forged steel balls of 45 steel from us, which was the first time the customer cooperated with us.

According to the material, forged steel ball can be divided into: no.45 steel ball, 60mn forged steel ball, 65Mn forged steel ball, 40Cr forged steel ball, 42CrMo forged steel ball and so on.From the point of view of the domestic market, at present is casting steel to use more, but forging steel ball market is showing a trend of increasing year by year.The obvious advantage of forging steel ball is that the surface is smooth, high impact toughness, crushing rate is much lower than casting steel, and the price is far lower than the high chromium steel ball, but wear resistance and can be comparable with high chromium steel ball.Forged steel ball in large mines is far more cost-effective than high-chromium steel ball, customers can choose according to the price of steel ball, quality standards and mine application.

Because this kind of forged steel ball is generally used in mining engineering, the general customer orders are tons of sales are at least two tons.However, this customer in UAE has other USES, and only needs 100 balls. In line with the purpose of serving customers, wehave communicated with the warehouse continuously, and finally provided this batch of products to the customer at a preferential price.The customer is always in a fast pace from the initial inquiry to the later purchase. We also actively cooperate with the customer and provide timely help to her when she needs it.

Forged steel ball material: C45.Chemical composition is shown in the following table:
Composition(%)CSiMnCrSPHardness (HRC)
45 Steel0.42-0.500.17-0.370.50-0.80≤0.25≤0.035≤0.035About 55

We have stock of this kind of standard forging balls. We inform the warehouse to arrange the products after receiving the payment from the customer. We use wooden case packing, which is beautiful and strong.Before packaging, we also arranged professionals to test the forging balls to ensure that each ball meets the requirements of the customer.

The customer was very satisfied with our products and affirmed our working attitude. Later, he also inquired about our other products. I believe we will have more cooperation in the future.

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