Steel washer is used with the production of bolts, general bolts, nuts and Steel washer matching use. Our company specializing in the production of various Steel washer, and the conventional and customized according to the drawings produced. Generally, the surface is treated with black or normal.


bolt steel washer









  1. Material: 45 steel、40Cr、Q235 and so on;

Material Grade: 8.8、10.9、12.9 ans so on;

Type: M20,M24, M27,M30,M36,M42,M45;

Service Life Guarantee: 12 months under normal working condition

bolt steel washer









2. We adoptedreasonable heat treatment process to obtain high-tensile steel washer with longer service life. We strictly control all our production Meanwhile, when all the bolts are completed, our professional testing personnel will inspection the parts one by one. Shipment will be arranged only after final inspection is ok.

bolt steel washer









3. Our bolts and steel washers have been widely used in cement mill, power plant coal mill and mine mill.


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