Heat Treatment Batch Skid Trays

EB are professional Batch skid trays, cast furnace trays,cast heat treatment basket, cast pit furnace fixture, cast fixtures, cast furnace fans,cast link belts, roller rails manufacturer. Our regular products are cast basket, stack basket, cast grid, base tray, fan, impeller, loader beam, skid buttons, walking beam, cast retort, cast post, cast link belt, roller, roller rail, Batch skid trays, etc.for high quality heat treatment fixtures.

EB specidlizes in producing vacum furnace tray and various types of heat treatment Batch skid trays. With 21 year experience in manufacturing cast trays and baskets, possess ablity to manufacture furnace rays and baskets with all kinds of specifications and types.And we also customize heat treatmant furnace trays and baskets as our customers various design requirements.

Heat Treatment Industry Batch Skid Trays:
Widely used for famous brand heat treatment equipment,such as IPSEN, AlCHELN, FONtON,multy purpose,furnace tray base, tray for heat treatment furnace, batch skid trays cast, furnace tray, grids baskets for heat treatment fixtures, investment casting base tray, roller hearth trays,stacking trays Tray Assemblies and so on.
Material:ZG4Cr25N20S2,ZG4C25Ni35NbW,2535W2.2848,ZG4Cr28Ni48W5S12(2848W5)Co20 et.The highest heat-resistng temperature can reach to 1300C for some materials.

Batch Skid Trays

Advantages of our Heat Treatment Batch skid trays:
1.Heat Treatment Fixtures for Continuous Gas Carbourising that we offer is available in various specifications and sizes.
2.We offer these Heat Treatment Fixtures, Batch skid trays as per the requirement of our valuable clients.
These Heat Treatment Batch skid trays are highly durable and have wide application in various machinery sectors.designed in order to meet the requirement of several machine manufacturing industries.
3.Heat treatment assemblies, Baskets, Baset Trays, stacking trays, Charging Trays, skid trays, Annealing Baskets and furnace spares in our inventory of patterns.
4.Most of the sizes are standard designs and are compatible with your existing furnace line.
5.We can offer you a very quick turnaround from inquiry to delivery.
6.We work with your heat treatment team to increase your productivity and thus lowering your overall cost of heat treatmen
7.Large inventory of cast tray patterns and designs used in all furnace types and hearth designs such as batch, continuous, pit & box.
8.Multiple round, square, rectangular, bolted assemblies and reversible tray designs Cast tray sizes up to 90″ square and 1400# total weight
9.Multiple heat & corrosion resistant alloy compositions available
10.Multiple molding processes such as investment, lost foam and sand allows for versatility in casting designs Common sizes are often in stock

Batch Skid Trays Professional Design:
Our experienced engineering expert in heat treatment fixtures can help you design or re-design your custom heat treatment fixtures to accommodate your particular application with the latest software such as SOLID WORKS, 3-D Solid Modeling, Auto Cad, to improve part processing quality and increase the life of the alloy.

Batch Skid Trays Material:
We never use high carbon steel and material easy to thermal deformation. Our heat treatment fixtures are almost made from NiCr alloy with benefits of increased fixture life, light weight, reduced distortion, stable quality and smooth surface of the castings. To give longer service life of the castings, we select only the 100% new raw material like pure nickle plate, FeCr60 chrome alloy, to guarantee the physical properties. We know there are some factories are using recycled material or too much scrapped material leading to lower price but far less service life of the castings, even cracks of the castings, you can trust us that this will never happen at TRUST heat treatment fixtures.

Batch Skid Trays Cost effective:
Integrated production from mold-making to post-processing is completed in our own factory. This can effectively reduce the manufacturing cost.
Batch Skid Trays Technology:
We use the most sophisticated casting method silicasol precision casting.
Batch Skid Trays Strict quality management:
Based on the ISO quality management system and with the introduction of a variety of measurement and analysis equipment, we established a good quality guarantee system to meet the various requirements of customer. We will be your most trusted partners.
Perfect team and excellent company:
Because heat treatment fixtures are not bought in kilo, integrity and service are also very important. At EB, our team provides you with good after sales service and good maintenance plan.

Standard:ASTM, JIS, DIN, BSEN, International Standards
The general dimensions of our heat treatment furnace tray and baskets are1230*1210*75670*450*40)900*600*40.
We offer a variety of Heat Treatment Fixtures/Alloy Cast Grates/Heat Resistant Steel Casting Tray products:
Multy purpose furnace tray
Base tray for heat treatment furnace
Batch skid trays
Cast furnace tray
Grids baskets for heat treatment fixtures
lnvestment casting base tray
Roller hearth trays
Stacking trays
Batch Furnace Trays
Skid Hearth Trays
Pusher Trays
Pit Furnace Trays
Car Bottom Trays
Tray Assemblies
And can be customized according to your work needs If you have interest,please do not hesitate to contact me.Pls send the drawing,technical requirements to us by email.
Looking forward to receiving your inquiry and reply.Thank you.


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