Advantages of Ball Mill

Strong material adaptability:

Mills with different specifications and sizes can be made to meet the requirements of various production capacities. The output per hour ranges from several hundred grams to two to three hundred tons, especially for continuous production with high production capacity, which can meet modern large-scale industries. Production needs.
The pulverization ratio can reach more than 300, it is easy to adjust the product fineness, the product size is uniform, and the mixing effect is also good.
Strong adaptability. It can work under various conditions. It can be produced by dry method or wet method. It can also carry out drying and grinding together at the same time.
Simple and sturdy structure Simple and sturdy structure, reliable operation, convenient maintenance and management, and long-term continuous operation.
Good airtightness
There is a good airtight device to prevent dust from flying

Disadvantages of ball mill

1.Low work efficiency:
The energy utilization rate is low, the effective utilization rate is only 2%, and most of the rest is converted to heat and sound energy. The power consumption per ton of cement is not less than 70kW.h.
Total weight of large-scale mills can reach more than several hundred tons, so the one-time investment is very large.
3.Low speed:
The mill speed is low (15-30r/min), if it is driven by an ordinary motor, it needs to be equipped with an expensive deceleration device.
4.Consumption and loud noise:
Consumption of grinding body and liner is very large: each ton of cement consumes about 1kg of steel; the operation is noisy.

The influence of the grinding particle size on the ball mill:

Particle size of the material to be milled has a great impact on the quality and power consumption of the mill. With small particle size and uniform feeding, it is easy to grind. The output and quality of the mill are also high, and the power consumption is also low.
On the contrary, the large particle size and uneven feeding make it difficult to grind, the quality of the mill is low, and the power consumption is also large. Therefore, the smaller the particle size of the mill, the better the quality of the mill, but the reduction of the particle size of the mill material will be limited by the equipment conditions.


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