Recently,we made AS2074 L2B cr-mo Steel Lifter Bars for SAG Mills for Indonesian mines.

We have been producing cr-mo alloy steel castings of AS2074 L2B for 20 years.Casting and heat treatment are very mature.

We adopt sand casting process, and the casting and rising system is reasonably designed, and the heating rising head is adopted to ensure that the final casting is free of loose, and the UT flaw detection reaches level 2.

We adopt special heat treatment process, normalizing and tempering, so that the internal stress of the lifting bar casting can be fully released, and the ideal hardness and high impact toughness value can be obtained at the same time.

The hardness of pearlite alloy steel is hb310-430, the toughness value (no notch) is greater than or equal to 60J at room temperature, and the metallographic structure is pearlite.

This steel alloy is widely used in the Australian mining large grinding machine, the current has been gradually accepted by domestic mines, its wear resistance by more than 20% higher than that of common high manganese steel castings, the toughness values than martensite chrome molybdenum steel and high chromium cast iron castings more than 2 times, is a large since the mill, half from mill, a large ball mill first choice of ideal material.

Lifter Bars  Lifter Bars