Received an inquiry from an Australian customer on Google on October 15, 2020 Australian customers are looking for Arc Welding Electrode of E308 and E316. The customer said that they need Arc Welding Electrode with a weight of about 3 tons. During the exchange, we confirmed the Arc Welding Electrode Size: 3.2MM X 350MM (Packing: 5.0kg/inner boxes 4boxes/cartons=20kg). After confirming the information, the customer expressed his willingness to pay our 60% advance payment first. Sign production orders. It also said that it would ship customers to the port to help customers solve customs issues.
On October 20, 2020 we successfully shipped E308 and E316 Arc Welding Electrode from Shanghai Port to Australia. After the customer heard the news, they recognized our delivery efficiency. And expressed that he was very satisfied with our service. Looking forward to continued cooperation in the future.

First of all, let me introduce our Arc Welding Electrods. Our company and factory produce and sell various metal welding wires and welding rods. Welcome to order. We will provide you with a one-stop service, so that you have no worries.

E308 Arc Welding Electrode /E316 Arc Welding Rods
Application:Low carbon steel and low alloy steel
Advantage:stable arc, few smell
Performance: Smooth Welding Bead
Supply Ability:1000 Ton/Tons per Month
Port: Shanghai
Product size: According to customer needs or according to standards

Size: 2.5MM X 300MM
Size: 3.2MM X 350MM
Size: 4.0MM X 400MM
Size:2.0MM X 350MM
Size:2.5MM X 350MM
Size:4.0MM X 350MM
Size:5.0MM X 350MM

Welding Electrode Chemical composition:

Chemical CompositionCMnSiSPCuNiMoCr
Guarantee Value≤0.080.5~2.5≤0.90≤0.030≤0.040≤0.759.0~11.0≤0.7518.0~21.0

Mechanical Properties of Welding Electrode

Test ItemRm(MPa)A(%)
Guarantee Value≥550≥35

Features about the E308 Arc Welding Electrode

Usage:Used for welding corrosion-resistant 0Cr19Ni9 and 0Cr19Ni11Ti stainless steel structures below 300°C.

E308 is a kind of Cr19Ni10 stainless steel electrode with lime-titania type coating. The weld metal has excellent mechanical properties and intercrystalline corrosion-resistance. It has excellent welding performance and blowhole-resistance. The coating is red-resistant and crack-resistant. AC/DC.

our E308 Arc Welding Electrode services :

1:Good after sales service: Any small problem happening will be solved at the most prompt time.

  1. We have many years of experience, we have a lot in welding rod.
  2. Specifications list is available upon your requirement.
  3. Packing as your request before shipment.
  4. High quality and competitive price.o

Finally, let’s show some photos of our company shipping to Australian customers:

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