Bimetal composite wear-resistant steel plate is composed of low carbon steel plate and alloy wear-resistant layer, which generally accounts for 1/3 to 1/2 of the total thickness.At work, the matrix provides comprehensive properties such as strength, toughness and plasticity to resist external forces, and the wear-resistant layer provides wear-resistant properties to meet the requirements of specified working conditions.

The wear-resistant steel plate alloy wear-resistant layer and the matrix are metallurgical bonded.Through special equipment and automatic welding process, the self-protecting alloy wire with high hardness is welded evenly on the base material.Composite layer number of one to two or more layers, composite process due to the alloy shrinkage ratio is different, uniform transverse crack, which is a significant feature of wear-resistant steel plate.

The wear-resistant layer is mainly composed of chromium alloy, and other alloy components such as manganese, molybdenum, niobium and nickel are added at the same time.The microhardness of carbide can reach above hv 1700-2000, and the surface hardness can reach HRC 58-62.Carbide alloy at high temperature has a strong stability, high hardness, but also has the very good oxidation resistance, completely normal use within 500 ℃.

Wear-resistant steel plate with high wear resistance and good impact performance is good, can be cutting, bending, welding, etc., can adopt welding, plug welding, bolt connection way to connect with other structures, such as the scene of the maintenance process possesses the characteristics of time saving, convenient and widely used in metallurgy, coal, cement, power, glass, mining, building materials, brick and tile industry, compared with other materials, has a high cost performance, has been favored by more and more industries and factories.


  1. High Chromium Cast Iron

High chromium cast iron is the third – generation wear – resistant material developed from ordinary white cast iron and hard nickel cast iron.Due to the characteristics of its own microstructure, high chromium cast iron has much higher toughness, high temperature strength, heat resistance and wear resistance than ordinary cast iron.High chromium cast iron has been hailed as the most excellent wear resistant material in modern times and has been widely used.

Table 1 Chemical Composition of High Chromium Cast Iron (%)


High chromium cast iron is widely used in ball mill, slurry pump, cement mill and crusher jaw plate because of its toughness, high temperature strength, heat resistance and wear resistance.

  1. Nickel Hard Cast Iron

Nickel hard white cast iron contains nickel, chromium alloy elements, internationally known as “ni-hard”, China has been included in the national standard.The addition of nickel can improve the hardenability and obtain the metal matrix dominated by martensite, and with more residual austenite, the toughness can be improved.Chromium is added to prevent the precipitation of graphite and to produce carbide with higher hardness.

Table 1 Chemical Composition of Nickel Hard Cast Iron (%)

     Nominal Chemical Composition (W%)Eqv. Standards
HBW480Cr22.5-3.0≤0.8≤0.8≤0.10≤0.103.0-5.51.5-3.0BTM Ni4Cr2-DT                     EN-GJN-HV520               AS2027 NiCr2-500                    ASTM A 532 Ni-Cr-Lc

G-X 260 NiCr 4 2

HBW500Cr92.4-2.81.5-2.20.2-0.8≤0.06≤0.064.0-5.58.0-10.0EN-GJN-HV550 Ni-Cr-Hc
AS2027 NiCr1-550
G-X 330 NiCr 4 2
HBW510Cr23.0-3.6≤0.8≤0.8≤0.10≤0.103.0-5.51.5-3.0BTM Ni4Cr2-GT                   AS2027 NiCr4-500                    ASTM A532 C1-B Ni-Cr-Hc ASTM A532 C1-C Ni-Cr-GB
HBW555Cr92.5-3.51.5-2.50.3-0.8≤0.08≤0.084.5-6.58.0-10.0BTM Cr9Ni5                          EN-GJN-HV600
AS2027 NiCr4-600
G-X 300 CrNiSi9 5 2
HBW630Cr93.2-3.61.5-2.20.2-0.8≤0.06≤0.064.0-5.58.0-10.0BTM Cr9Ni5                      AS2027 NiCr4-630             ASTM A532 C1-D Ni-HiCr

The martensite matrix +M3C carbide structure was obtained by adding 3.0% ~ 5.0% nickel and 1.5% ~ 3.5% chromium to ordinary white cast iron.The unlimited solid solution of nickel and iron can effectively improve the hardenability and promote the formation of martensite – bainite matrix.The addition of chromium can prevent graphitization, promote the formation of carbide, and improve the hardness of M3C carbide from HV900 ~ 1000 without alloy to HV1100 ~ 1200.The wear resistance of ni hard cast iron is better than that of ordinary white cast iron.

  1. High Mn Steel Casting

High Mn steel refers to alloy steel containing more than 10% manganese.After treatment by water quenching technology, the hardness is about HB300, and the austenite structure. After treatment hardening, the surface of the material can reach 500–550 brinel hardness, continue to maintain the internal flexibility, the surface friction is minimized, High Mn steel or similar materials can be used for welding, cutting by acetylene torch, non-magnetic and so on.

Table 1 Performance Characteristics of High Mn Steel (%)

Physical ParameterChemical Composition (%)
Yield Strength60,000–85,000 psiMn12.0–14.0
Tensile Strength120,000–130,000 psiC1.00–1.25
The Hardness of Rolling230–255 bhnP≤0.05
Maximum Hardness550bhnS≤0.04

Table 2 Chemical Composition of ASTM A128 Cast Iron of High Mn Steel (%)

Reference Standard ASTM A128Nominal Chemical Composition (W%)Eqv. Standard GB5680
CMnCrMoNiSi (Max.)S (Max.)P(Max.)
A1.05-1.35≥ 5680  ZGMn13-1  AS2074/H1A
B-10.90-1.0511.5- 5680 ZGMn13-2
B-21.05-1.2011.5- 5680  ZGMn13-2,3 AS2074/H1A
B-31.12-1.2811.5- 5680  ZGMn13-2,3 AS2074/H1A
B-41.20-1.3511.5- 5680  ZGMn13-2,3 AS2074/H1A
C1.05-1.3511.5-14.01.50-2.501.000.060.05GB 5680  ZGMn13-4 AS2074/H1B
E-10.70-1.3011.5-14.00.90- 5680  ZGMn13-5 AS2074/H1C
E-21.05-1.4511.5-14.01.80- 5680  ZGMn13-5

High Mn steel is a kind of wear resistant steel for heavy industry. Its applications include quarrying, mining, mining, coal industry, casting and steel industry.

  1. Cr-Mo Alloy Steel

Cr-Mo alloy steel is an alloy of chromium (Cr), molybdenum (Mo), iron (Fe) and carbon (C).Cr-Mo alloy steel, also known as temperature resistance of hydrogen in steel, refers to join Cr, Mo alloy elements such as to improve the high temperature ultimate strength and creep limit of steel grade, hydrogen at the same time has good resistance to corrosion and high temperature resistant performance, thus is widely used in hydrogen device and high temperature equipment such as oil refining, chemical industry, is one of the commonly used types of steel pressure vessels.


(1) Good quenching, can be deep quenching, rather than the market anti-saw lock surface quenching.

(2) Temper brittleness tendency less

(3) High temperature processing, beautiful appearance after processing

(4) Good welding performance

(5) The impact absorption performance is good, the hammer hit will have a sense of rebound, unable to carry out violent destruction.

Table 1 Chemical Composition of Cr-Mo Alloy Steel (%)

ReferenceStandardNominal Chemical Composition(W%)
AS 2074/2A0.45-0.55≤0.750.50-1.000.80-1.20//≤0.04≤0.04
AS 2074/2B0.55-0.65≤0.750.50-1.000.80-1.50O.2-0.4/≤0.04≤0.04
AS 2074/2C0.70-0.90≤0.750.50-1.201.30-2.400.2-0.4/≤0.04≤0.04

Table 2 Chemical Composition of Cr-Mo Alloy Steel (%)

ReferenceStandardNominal Chemical Composition(W%)

Due to its special high quality performance, is often used to manufacture some high temperature, high pressure resistant valves and pressure vessels, such as chrome molybdenum steel safety valve, chrome molybdenum steel gate valve, screwdriver head, bicycles and so on.

5.Hardox Wear Plate

Because Hardox solder plate has high hardness, high strength and high toughness, it is an ideal choice for those occasions with severe wear.It also has good cold bending and excellent weldability.

Series of Hardox Wear Plate

Made in ChinaSeries of Hardox Wear PlateSeries of DILLIDURSeries of XARSeries of QUARDSeries of JFE


(1) HARDOX400 imported Swedish wear-resistant steel plate can be used for the manufacture of bucket, loader, dump truck, crusher, separator, chute and various wear-resistant lining plate.

(2) HARDOX450 USES: dump truck body, vibrating screen, feeding hopper, digging bucket, knife plate, scraper bucket, scraper conveyor, gear and so on.

(3) HARDOX up to 500 steel plates typically have a hardness of 500 HBW, allowing them to withstand severe wear and tear.It is well suited to work in highly abrasive environments, such as high-strength ores and corrosive materials.

(4) HARDOX welding 550 is a wear-resistant steel plate with an average hardness of 550HBW, and its toughness is the same as that of HARDOX welding up to 500, which is used in high-wear applications.

(5) HARDOX up to 600 is the world’s hardest wear-resistant steel plate, the hardness of up to 600 HBW.It is generally used in extremely abrasive applications and is mainly used as a replacement for cast steel, chrome cast iron and surface-hardened metals.

(6) HARDOX HiTuf is a kind of wear resistant steel plate with extremely high toughness, and its crack resistance is very good.The average hardness of HARDOX HiTuf is 350 HBW, which is mainly used in important components requiring extremely high wear resistance and crack resistance.


Wear plate size
Length4m-12m(Customize by Drawing)
Width0.6m-3m(Customize by Drawing)
Thickness3mm-300mm(Customize by Drawing)
Surface TreatmentClean Sandblasting and Painting According to Customer’s Requirement
Thickness Difference“+/-0.1mm”
Minimum Order Quantity· 2Ton/ Sample Order is Acceptable
 Delivery TimeAfter the Deposit or Timely Delivery of Orders
 PackagingWatermark Paper, Steel Tape Packing, Standard Export Airworthiness Packing, Suitable for All Kinds of Transportation Methods or Requirements
ApplicationWidely Used in Mining Machinery, Environmental Machinery, Cement Machinery, Construction Machinery


Wear plate according to the hardness, welding process and other different major brands are :NM360, NM400, NM450, NM500.

Regular Size

NM360822008000Four Shear Meter
NM3601022008000Four Shear Meter
NM3601522008000Four Shear Meter
NM4001222008000Four Shear Meter
NM5001622008000Four Shear Meter
NM36020220010300Four Shear Meter
NM45025220012050Four Shear Meter
NM4003022008000Four Shear Meter
NM36035209010160Four Shear Meter
NM4004022008000Four Shear Meter
NM4004522008000Four Shear Meter
NM4005022008000Four Shear Meter


1.Thermal Power Plant: Medium-speed coal mill barrel lining board, fan impeller socket shell, dust collector inlet flue, cinder pipe, bucket turbine lining board, separator connection pipe,     coal crusher lining board, coal scuttle and crusher lining board, burner burner, coal hopper and funnel lining board, air preheater support shingle, separator guide blade.The above                   parts and components do not have too high requirements for the hardness and wear resistance of the wear-resistant steel plate, which can be made of nm360/400 steel plate with a                   thickness of 6-10mm.

2.Coal Yard: Lining of feeding trough and funnel, bushing of hopper, fan blade, bottom plate of pusher, lining of cyclone dust collector, coke guide, lining of ball mill, bit stabilizer, screw feeder bell and base, lining of bucket of kneading machine, ring feeder and bottom plate of tipper.The working environment of the coal yard is harsh, which has certain requirements for the corrosion resistance and wear resistance strength of the wear-resisting steel plate. It is recommended to use the wear-resisting steel plate of nm400/450 HARDOX400 thickness of 8-26mm.

3.Cement Plant: Chute lining, end bushing, cyclone dust collector, separator blade and guide blade, fan blade and lining, recycling bucket lining, spiral conveyor floor, pipe components, fuse cooling plate lining, conveying trough lining.These parts also need wear resistant steel plates with better corrosion resistance, which can be made of nm360/400 HARDOX400 steel plates with a thickness of 8-30mmd.

4.Loading Machinery: Chain plate of unloading mill, hopper lining plate, grab edge plate, skip plate of automatic tipper, body of dump truck.This needs the wear-resisting strength and the hardness extremely high wear-resisting steel plate, suggested USES the material to be NM500 hardox 450/500 thickness 25-45mm wear-resisting steel plate.

5.Mining Machinery: Mineral, stone crusher lining board, blade, conveyor lining board, baffle.This kind of parts need extremely high wear resistance, available material is nm450/500             hardox 450/500 thickness in 10-30mm wear-resistant steel plate.

6.Construction Machinery: Tooth plate of cement pusher, lining plate of concrete mixing building, mixer, lining plate of dust remover, mould plate of brick making machine.It is recommended to use the nm360/400 wear-resistant steel plate with a thickness of 10-30mm.

7.Construction Machinery: Loader, bulldozer, excavator bucket plate, side blade plate, bucket bottom plate, blade, rotary drill pipe.This kind of machinery needs extremely tough and wear resistant steel plate with extremely high strength. The available material is NM500 hardox500/550/600 high strength wear resistant steel plate with a thickness of 20-60mm.

8.Metallurgical Machinery: Iron ore sintering machine, conveying elbow, iron ore sintering machine lining board, scraper lining board.Because this kind of machinery requires high                 temperature resistance, strong hardness of the wear – resistant steel plate.Therefore, it is recommended to use HARDOX600HARDOXHiTuf series wear-resistant steel plate.

9.Wear-resistant steel plate can also be used in sand mill barrel, blade, all kinds of freight yard, dock machinery so parts, bearing structural parts, railway wheel structural parts, rollers.