Alloy 31 Nickel-based Alloy

Alloy 31 nickel-based alloy is a nitrogen-containing iron-nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy. Alloy 31 (N08031) nickel-based alloy is suitable for industrial fields such as chemical and petrochemical, environmental engineering, oil and gas production.

Chemical Composition:
Mechanical Properties:
  1. Density: 8.1g/cm3.
  2. Melting point: 1350-1370°C.
  3. Tensile strength: σb≥650Mpa.
  4. Yield strength: σb≥276Mpa.
  5. Elongation: δ≥40.
  6. Brinell hardness (HB): 220.
Alloy characteristics:

Alloy31 nickel-based alloy is a nitrogen-containing iron-nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy. Face-centered cubic lattice structure. The 0.2% nitrogen content stabilizes the austenite phase and reduces the tendency of intermetallic phase precipitation. The performance is between the super austenitic stainless steel and the existing nickel-based alloy.

The chemical composition of Alloy31 makes it very resistant to halide corrosion. At the same time, the alloy also has excellent corrosion resistance to pure or impure sulfuric acid at various concentrations and temperatures. It has good corrosion resistance in a small amount of aerated industrial sulfuric acid.

Application Field:

Alloy31 (NO8031) alloy is used in: flue gas desulfurization system, pulp and paper industry, fine chemical synthesis industry, phosphoric acid production, organic acid and ester synthesis, waste sulfuric acid recovery, sea water or brine heat exchanger, ore treatment and high pressure of laterite ore Acid filtration technology, petroleum production and refining, pickling plant (H2SO4), sulfuric acid condenser, evaporation and crystallization of salt, acid gas environment (comply with NACE standard MR0175; reach level)

Alloy Specifications:

Alloy31 seamless pipe, Alloy31 steel plate, Alloy 31 round steel, Alloy 31 forgings, Alloy 31 flange, Alloy31 ring, Alloy31 welded pipe, Alloy 31 steel strip, Alloy 31 wire and supporting welding materials.

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