In October 2018, the Russian customer ordered a batch of aluminum castings from us, this is the third time the customer has placed an order

This batch of aluminum castings USES gravity casting and precision casting process.Investment casting is generally known as lost wax casting, suitable for complex small pieces, we use the existing mold processing and production, casting quality accuracy is relatively high, but due to the aluminum sand cleaning is difficult, so the cost is relatively high.The customer purchased samples this time, the quantity is not large enough for mass production, but we are still in urgent need of the customer and arrange the production of this order.

Casting Material: A356.The chemical composition is shown in the following table:

Chemical Composition





After the casting was finished, we did CNC machining, spraying and assembly.

Strict quality control during the inspection, our professional testing personnel to test the product piece by piece.Shipment will be arranged after final inspection.










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