Description of Sparkle Aluminium Composite Cladding

The Sparkle Aluminium Composite Cladding is a kind of aluminum plastic plate. It gets its name because of its surface, which is as smooth as jewels. Pearl aluminum-plastic plate is a new type of decorative materials, has a series of excellent performance. It has been widely used in various fields, such as curtain wall, indoor and outdoor facade, billboard advertising board, furniture and boat industry, etc. The pearlescent aluminum plastic plate is the special color of the aluminum plastic plate with the pearl luster effect. With the development of the production process, the pearlescent series has many colors. Compared with conventional aluminum plastic sheet, pearlescent aluminum plastic plate has the advantages of conventional aluminum plastic plate, and its more glamorous appearance is more classy and noble. Thanks to the exterior features of the pearlescent aluminum plastic sheet, it is mainly used in the front door of large commercial center to improve the overall decoration effect and highlight its noble quality.


Sandwich panel construction techniques have experienced considerable development in the last 40 years. Previously, sandwich panels were considered products suitable only for functional constructions and industrial buildings. However, their good insulation characteristics, their versatility, quality and appealing visual appearance, have resulted in a growing and widespread use of the panels across a huge variety of buildings. What features does the Aluminum Composite Panel have?

  • Super peeling strength.
  • Excellent surface flatness and smoothness.
  • Superior weather, corrosion, pollutant resistance.
  • Even coating, various colors.
  • Fireproof, excellent heat and sound insulation.
  • Superior impact resistance.
  • Lightweight and easy to process.
  • Easy to maintain, self-clean.

1.4865 Carburizing Furnace Radiant Tubes Delivered to Europe

In January 2017, we produced 1.4865 radiant tubes for South Asian customer.The radiant tubes are for carburizing treatment of precision gears. 1.There are two sizes for the radiant tubes:Birlec Radiant Tube φ115 x 9 x 1600 ,Gibbons Rad Tubeφ170 x 9 x 1500. Chemical composition is shown as below: We adopted centrifugal cast process and investment cast process to make ...
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Centrifugally Cast Seat Ring Parts Duplex Stainless Steel SAF2205 Ship to Australia By Air

In August 2016,Centrifugally Cast tubes Duplex Stainless Steel SAF2205,totally 8 sets,were delivered to Australia by air. This series of cast tube products include Liner Throat, Wear Ring, Seat Ring . 1.We adopted centrifugal casting process to make the tubes. Firstly,casting a whole long tube, 1800mm long; Secondly cut into 4 sections , 400mm long each; Thirdly followed by solution treatment ...
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Ni718 Nozzle Castings Delivered to Australia

January 7, 2018,  Ni718 burner nozzle castings, totally 3131pieces were delivered to Australia by plane. The batch includes Nozzle Skirt and Squiggle Twig, total weight of 1300kg. The material grade for nozzle castings: Ni718 high temperature alloy.We adopted investment cast process to make the nozzles. The shape of the outer surface is complicated, and the one end is wavy.MachiningNickel alloy castings ...
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LM25 ZL101 Aluminum Castings Exported to UK

In December 2017, we produced 400pcs ZL101 Aluminum castings according to customer’s requirement. The material is ZL101, equivalent to LM25.The weight of this casting is about 2kg. Aluminum alloy melting point is low and casting performance is good.The castings accuracy and internal quality requirements are high.We decided to adopt gravity casting process. Gravity casting is widely used in large wall ...
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