In June 2019, an Indian customer ordered a batch of aluminum plates with the specification of 2500x1250x2.5mm from us.

Grade2014 aluminum alloy is a high strength hard aluminum, which can be strengthened by heat treatment. 2014 aluminum

alloy spot welding has good weldability, and intergranular cracks tend to form when using gas welding and argon arc welding.

The machinability of aluminum alloy is good after cold hardening. Corrosion resistance is not high, often use anodic oxidation

treatment and painting methods or surface coating aluminum coating to improve corrosion resistance. This kind of aluminum

plate is also commonly used in aircraft structure, missile structure and other structures.

This batch of aluminum plates is also very important for the customer. He stressed to us that the material composition must be

qualified, and the size requirements should also meet the tolerance range. Therefore, in the later stage, we kept in touch with the

customer, and let him see our aluminum plate photos and the printing code he wanted as soon as possible. We also timely

communicated with him and made reasonable improvements to ensure that the customer’s requirements were met.

Aluminum plate material: 2014T6. Chemical composition is shown in the following table:




2014T6  3.9-5.00.5-0.9 ≤0.50.4-1.20.2-0.8



After the completion of aluminum production, we are in strict accordance with customer requirements for the code and packaging.

Strict quality control during inspection, our professional testing personnel to test the product piece by piece. We will immediately

send the test results to the customer, and the customer will arrange the delivery after the final inspection is qualified. Since the

customer is from India, in order to avoid problems in the transportation of aluminum plates, our packaging is wrapped in kraft paper,

and then packed with pallets to ensure that it is firm, beautiful and suitable for long-distance sea transportation, leaving a good buying

experience for customers.




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