Stainless Steel

201 Stainless Steel, has certain acid resistance, alkali resistance performance, high density, polishing without bubbles, no pinhole and other characteristics, is the production of a variety of watchcases, watchband base cover quality materials. Mainly used to do decorative pipe, industrial pipe, some shallow stretch products.

Application: decorative pipe, industrial pipe


English name

201 Stainless Steel

Characteristics: Acid and Alkali Resistance

201 Stainless Steel

Component %

(C) (Si) (Mn) (Cr) (N) (P) (S) (Ni)
≤0.15 ≤0.10 5.5~7.50 16.0~18.0 ≤0.25 ≤0.060 ≤0.030 3.5-5.5

The 200 series Stainless Steel was first developed in the United States during world war ii as a substitute for the 300 series Stainless Steel. At that time, due to the war, nickel, as a strategic material, was strictly controlled by the countries concerned, and the supply of nickel in the United States was seriously insufficient. In order to solve the production and supply problems of Stainless Steel in the case of serious shortage of nickel supply, the United States developed this new series of austenitic Stainless Steel with manganese instead of nickel.

After the end of world war ii, the nickel supply situation in the United States gradually improved, so the production of 300 series Stainless Steel is no longer limited by the shortage of raw materials, so the 200 series did not get a major development. A few Indians who participated in the development of 200 series Stainless Steel at the beginning, after returning to India, from India is a relatively rich manganese resources, nickel resources lack of national conditions, will be developed in the United States of the 200 series of steel Stainless Steel varieties back to India.

The success of the 200 series Stainless Steel in India is due to the possibility of replacing 304 Stainless Steel in some specific applications.

Physical properties


Yield strength:275MPa

Elongation:55 to 60%

Elasticity modulus:29,000,000 psi .Are converted into:203000MPa

Hardness requirements (brinell hardness):HRB<183N/mm2(MPa)。

Density:.280lbs/cubic inch(Density7.93g/cm3)

201 Stainless Steel tube density

Shop Sign Density(*103kilogram/cubic meter) Shop Sign Density(*103kilogram/cubic meter)
00Cr30Mo2 7.64 00Cr19Ni13Mo3 7.98
00Cr27Mo 7.67 0Cr19Ni12Mo3 7.98
1Cr17Mo 7.70 0Cr25Ni20 7.98
1Cr15 7.70 0Cr18Ni12Mo2Cu2 7.98
3Cr16 7.70 00Cr18Ni14Mo2Cu2 7.98
00Cr27Mo 7.67 0Cr19Ni12Mo3 7.98
1Cr17 7.70 00Cr19Ni13Mo3 7.98
00Cr17 7.70 0Cr18Ni11Nb 7.98
7Cr17 7.70 0Cr17Ni12Mo2N 7.98
1Cr12 7.76 00Cr17Ni14Mo2 7.98
1Cr13 7.76 0Cr17Ni12Mo2N 7.98
0Cr13Ai 7.75 00Cr17Ni13Mo2N 7.98
00Cr12 7.76 0Cr18Ni16Mo5 8.00
0Cr13Al 7.75 1Cr17Ni7 7.93
2Cr13 7.75 0Cr23Ni13 7.93
3Cr13 7.75 1Cr17Ni8 7.93
0Cr18Ni13Si4 7.75 1Cr18Ni9 7.93
00Cr18Mo2 7.75 1Cr18Ni9Si3 7.93
0Cr26Ni5Mo2 7.80 0Cr19Ni9 7.93
1Cr17Mn6Ni5N 7.93 00Cr19Ni11 7.93
00Cr18Ni9S13 7.93 0Cr19Ni9N 7.93
1Cr17Mn6Ni6N 7.93 0Cr18Ni11Ti 7.93
1Cr18nNi8Ni5N 7.93 0Cr17Ni17Al 7.93



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